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Season 5, Episode 6


February 25th, 2009 - Comments Off on 316

I really enjoyed this episode for a number of reasons, but most importantly it marked the return to the island. Now, I thought the beginning was great, it felt like the kind of reveal that would have in the past been either the beginning of season of the very end of a season, but this was only the 6th episode. That the other thing, they spent four seasons trying to get of the island and after only 6 episode off the island (not counting that they were off the island in the flashbacks in season 4) they’re back. I wasn’t really expecting them to move things that quickly. I read several posts after 316 aired with people complaining that the reveal at the beginning of the episode spoiled the rest of it, I disagree, I think it made it better because we knew it was going to happen we just weren’t sure how. And to be perfectly honest we still aren’t too sure.

The Lamp post station

Ben may or may not have know about it, depends on if he was lying or not, but Widmore mustn’t know about it or he would have already found the island long ago.

Who was/is the clever fellow who built the pendulum?

And also how long has it been there? Ms Hawking says that it was how Dharma found the island, but how long was there between them finding it and actually get there? One suggestion I’ve heard was that perhaps it was Dan who was responsible for the pendulum, not sure about that theory myself, it goes against the “you can’t change the future” idea a bit too much. Pierre Chang maybe? He seemed to know plenty about the mysterious energy lurking beneath the orchid station, so it could be the sort of thing he’s be involved in building.

Why doesn’t hawking react when Des says that it was Dan who sent him?

One theory is that it was just poor acting, to go with the terrible overacting, making Hawking appear psychotic instead of mysterious. The other possibility is that she already knew that Dan had sent him, how I’m not totally sure, but it could be possible.

Locke apparently committed suicide

Did he really though? Or did he get some help? Maybe he did do it just because Alpert told him he’d have to die in order to convince them to return.
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Season 5, Episode 5

This Place Is Death

February 18th, 2009 - Comments Off on This Place Is Death

Another great episode, lots of interesting things to talk about. Smokey, death and donkey wheels, oh my.

Is that Hurley saying the numbers?

I saw this mentioned on another site, and checked it out for myself, have a close listen to the voice on the French people’s radio, is that Hurley? And if it is, is it deliberate or just the only soundbite of the numbers they had lying around? Maybe it was Hurley who recorded the numbers originally as a warning to sty away from the island?

Return of smokey

We still have no real idea what smokey is, but it sure does like catching, killing and re-animating people. After disposing of one of the French women, it grabs one of the men and drags it through the jungle and down into a hole at the Temple. Is this where smokey live? How it the temple connected to the secret room under Ben’s house back in otherville, remember the one he disappeared into just before he ‘summoned’ smokey to come and attack Keamy’s men.

Jin stopped Rousseau from going after after the men

Interesting, she seemed certain to follow the rest of her people down the hole until Jin stopped her, what would she have done if Jin has flashed back in time to stop her? Assuming that wasn’t already the reason why she didn’t go down there, if that makes sense.

Rousseau isn’t nuts, they were actually trying to kill her, why?

She referred the them as ‘sick’, but they were probably being re-animated by smokey, but why were they/smokey trying to kill her. And if it wanted her dead, how come 16 years later it still hadn’t killed her?

Smokey is a security system?

It’s not the first time we’ve heard someone refer to smokey as a security system, this time it was Robert (who’d gone down the hole looking for the other guy), he tells Rousseau that ‘its a security system guarding the temple’. Two things, we now kind of know what the ‘temple’ is that Ben sent the rest of the others too way back when (season 3?), and secondly how would Robert know this unless he was actually smokey in disguise, I pretty sure he didn’t sit down with smokey and discuss things over coffee.
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Season 5, Episode 4

The Little Prince

February 11th, 2009 - Comments Off on The Little Prince

Who was the guy who attacked Sayid, and why did he have Kate’s address?

There is probably a good chance he was working for Ben, and was connect to the two guys that Sayid and Hurley encountered at the safe house. He was probably going after them this way because he knew he would have a hard time convincing them to go back otherwise. Kate’s address was probably in his pocket because she was next on the list.

Time travel sickness is spreading

Miles becomes the next to begin suffering nosebleeds (and we’ve seen how great that turns out for the others), and at the end of the episode Juliet is getting nosebleeds as well. After Miles tells Dan about his nosebleed Dan explains that they may have something to do with the time of exposure/time spent on the island, Miles says he’s never been to the island before two weeks ago… Dan replies are you sure about that.

The popular theory is that Miles is Pierre Chang’s son, if this is the case, when did Miles leave the island, how, and why doesn’t he know about it.

So they were in the time of the hatch lighting up, Boone’s death, Claire having the baby etc, and then…

When the Island 6 (now that Locke has joined up with them all) turn up back at the beach camp after their latest time flash, they find their camp is back but… all the food appears to have been eaten, everyone else is gone and there are two random boats on the beach. Inside one of these boats there is a bottle of water with an “Ajira Airways” label on it, Juliet explains that its an Indian airline that flys all over the world.

My theory is that the time they’ve jumped to some point after the Oceanic Six return, and the boats are the boats they used to get to the island. This would possibly explain why the food is all gone, and there is no one on the beach., but it doesn’t really explain who is shooting at them from the the second boat… unless they they are shooting at themselves.
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Season 5, Episode 3


February 4th, 2009 - Comments Off on Jughead

Another great episode, and all with neither sight nor sound from Ben and the Oceanic Six. I don’t know about you, but personally I think the Desmond-centric episodes are my favourites. Just think how good “Flashes before your eyes” and “The Constant” were.

When are the events, both on and off the island, taking place?

Well Alpert tells Locke that its 1954, and from what we see it would appear that Desmond’s part is taking place around the same time as Ben’s attempts to bring the Oceanic Six back together. When we see Des, with son Charlie, on the boat the kid looks about 2, Charles Widmore also says that he hasn’t seen Penny for about three years.

“You just couldn’t stay away could you”

When “the science team” is capture and Miles bravely tells them that Daniel is their leader the girl (Ellie) says to Dan “you just couldn’t stay away could you”, now I think this is because she thinks their US Military, but there was just something about the way that she said it.

Speaking of Ellie, who is she, is she important?

Given that the losties time-warped back out of 1954 at the end of the episode we might not see Ellie again, or will we? It could be possible that an older Ellie is still with the other in ‘present time’. The role she played in the episode and also that Dan told her about their time travel makes me wonder if there is more to come. Now, if sometime later in the series they jump back to, say, 1955 then Alpert, Widmore, Ellie et al might actually believe them assuming of course that they noticed that they vanished from right before their eyes.

What did Faraday do to the woman that Desmond goes to visit

Given that he was a scientist doing research into transporting rats brains through time, what are the chances she was a human lab rat and he tried the same thing on her? Her Sister says that she is currently “away”, the same term that Faraday used to describe where Desmond and Minkowski were during their time traveling adventures. If she is “away” in the same way, where or when is she? Could she be on the island? And why is Widmore basically paying to keep her alive?
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Season 5, Episode 2

The Lie

January 29th, 2009 - Comments Off on The Lie

So I’m writing this after I’ve watched episode 3, who cares, some of these are answered by episode 3 but I won’t give them away. I do intend to do my best to stay ahead of the next episode if possible, this week I had two episodes to cover. And I’m lazy.

Why does Hurley keep seeing dead people?

We’ve seen Kate see Claire, and Jack has been seeing his dead Father ever since they crashed, but Hurley seems to see a lot more dead people than everyone else. Makes you wonder, is he really seeing them or is he really nuts.

What is Dan’s little gadget that he’s going to use to determine where they are in time?

For those that watch ‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicle’ it looks like that device that one of the terminators used early this season to looks at the stars and determine what year it was. So I guess its probably something like that, he is a scientist after all.

Ben tells Jack that he has to move Locke’s body to keep it safe, when Jack questions “he is dead isn’t he?” Ben does not answer…

Can we read much into this, or is it just Ben being Ben and withholding information from Jack on purpose. Locke probably is “dead” it might be a question of how dead he is though, and is he going to spring back to life when/if they get him back to the island. After all Alpert told him he’d have to die to convince them to return, he never said he had to stay dead.

Why is Sun in LA?

She tells Kate that she has “business to attend to”. What kind of business? We know she wants to kill Ben, and Ben is going to need to ‘recruit’ her in order to get her back to the island. There is going to have to be a confrontation of some sort in the near future.

Who is the butcher that Ben visits?

Ok probably not Dharma, since I doubt they’d work with Ben after he wiped them off the face of the island. One of the Others perhaps, completely reasonable that he’s got people placed off the island just in case. How does she know what Ben has got with him (Locke), since she also knows he was going to get Jack and the other I’d say that Ben had already met up with her and brought her up to speed with his plan. Now he just needs to share that plan with us.
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Season 5, Episode 1

Because You Left

January 28th, 2009 - Comments Off on Because You Left

Let the games begin. Lost is back and as good as ever, as could be expected the overall theme for Season 5 looks like it will be quiet different to the previous four (Season 1 – The Losties, Season 2 – The Tail Section, Season 3 – The Others and Season 4 – The Freighters). I’ve decided to take a different approach to my recap posts this year, since the ‘full’ recaps I was doing for a while last year take too long (and lets face it, probably weren’t overly interesting either). So, like I started last week with the post for “There’s no place like home”, lets have a look at some of the questions that struck me while watching the season premiere.

Is the identity of Chang’s baby significant?

We got to see Pierre Chang for the first time outside of a Dharma video, and it was a great way to kick things off. But is the identity of his son important, remember he was also mentioned in the ‘leaked’ video from Comic-Con. Given that this takes place around 30 years ago could it be Miles? This was suggested by someone in the comment of a previous post, interesting, and could explain a few things, but I’m not convinced. Yet.

What is Dan doing hanging around in the Orchid Station with Pierre Chang and the Dharma workers?

We know the island is jumping around, but is it going to stay in one particular time long enough for Dan to infiltrate the Dharma ranks? So far the jumps have been fairly frequent, maybe things will settle down. Or maybe he actually was there in the 1970’s… think about it, he tell Sawyer how he’s spent his whole life researching time travel and Dharma. Now lets say, for example, Dan was born in 1970, he wouldn’t have been even starting University until the very late 1980’s, early 1990’s at the latest, by which time Dharma (at least on the island) wasn’t too far from being wiped out by Ben. How much research can you do on something that no longer exists, on an island no-one can find, unless you’ve been there and seen it first hand?

Why do the Losties move but the Others/Hostiles don’t?

After Alpert explains to Locke that it was him that moved/disappeared, we then know that the Losties appear to be the only ones moving through time. Why is this the case though? For those who’ve lived on the Island the majority of their lives I guess you could say it makes sense, but what about those Flight 815 survivors that they poached from the Taillies (The flight attendant, the children etc). Probably has something to with why Alpert never appears to age…

Who are the lawyers that visit Kate representing?

Only two real obvious possibilities, Charles Widmore or Oceanic Airlines. Perhaps that should be Widmore and/or Oceanic, I think there is a strong chance that Widmore is connected in someway to Oceanic, evidence perhaps was how it would seem that Oceanic staff promptly contacted him when they realised Sun was checking in for an Oceanic flight.
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Season 4, Episode 12, 13 and 14

There’s No Place Like Home

January 22nd, 2009 - Comments Off on There’s No Place Like Home

There is only one thing that I hate about Lost, and that is that its shown in the US before it is here in Australia. Its not Lost’s fault though, its the fault of the stupid television networks in this part of the world. As a result I download the latest episode as they a shown (and, yes, I watch it again when its on TV, especially now that its shown in HD), otherwise I run the risk of having the whole thing spoiled before I get to see it. Mind you, Channel 7 do a good enough job of spoiling major plot points in their “promos” almost every week.

So while I wait for the Season 5 premiere to finish, I’m going to have a look at a few questions that sprung to mind during my re-watching of the Season 4 finale over the past two nights. I think this might be a better format for my recap posts to take, since the “full recaps” were taking way to much time to prepare and write, which is why I only ever managed to get half of Season 4 done. Anyway, on with the questions.

Where is Claire?

She wandered off into the jungle one night, and since then we’ve seen her just once, in the cabin with Christian Shephard. The real question I guess is, is Claire dead? Its been reported that Claire won’t be seen in at least the first half of season 5, but that itself doesn’t mean she’s dead. I think that given we’ve seen her “appear” to Kate in a dream in the future that we can assume that she is dead at that time (the future), but I’m not convinced that she’s dead yet on the island. And if she is actually dead, who killed her? Zombie Ethan?….

Why did they choose Boone, Libby and Charlie for their story?

When the Oceanic Six front up to their press conference they name those passengers who “survived the crash, but died on the island”. The name Boone, Libby and Charlie. Why did they pick these three out of all the people that had died. Charlie perhaps because he was famous, but why Boone and not Shannon, why Libby and not Ana Lucia, Mr Eko, Dr Arzt, Jin etc etc. There would have to be a reason why. The second episode in season 5 is entitled “The Lie” so theres a chance that we might find out then.
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Season 4 Episode 6

The Other Woman

October 26th, 2008 - Comments Off on The Other Woman

After the madness that was ‘The Constant’ this episode doesn’t venture nearly as far, in fact its all set on the island, including the flashbacks.

Juliet is sitting in a room, looks like she’s waiting for someone, a woman comes in and introduces herself as Harper. Juliet begins to explain that she doesn’t think that she needs therapy, Harper suggests that they just “call it talking” instead. We then find out Juliet has “been here a week” (at this point we still don’t know where “here” is exactly). Juliet tells Harper that she doesn’t really like being treated like a celebrity, or being the centre of attention.

There’s a knock at the door, and its Tom, we now know that we are on the island. This interruption ends their “talk” and as Harper leaves she says “Welcome to the island”. Tom takes Juliet to meet with Ben who is waiting outside one of the houses in the other’s village. Ben tells Juliet that it’s hers. She tells Ben that they shouldn’t have gone to all the trouble as she’s only going to be there for 6 months.

Current time, back on the beach and Juliet is setting up her shelter, Sun offers to lend a hand, then Jack approaches asking if they’ve seen Charlotte and Dan as they are both missing and their stuff is gone. Jin says that he saw them head off into the jungle.

The four of them set off to try and track down Charlotte and Dan. Once in the jungle Juliet begins to hear the whispers, and when she turns around Harper is standing behind her. Harper says “long time no see”, and tells Juliet that she’s there to deliver a message from Ben.
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Season 4 Episode 5

The Constant

October 5th, 2008 - Comments Off on The Constant

So… Its only taken about 6 months to get back to finishing this post, it was going to be tough to get it to make sense to begin with, but with a huge break in the middle of writing it it was even harder, sorry about that. Lets get on with it.

Des flashes back…then forward…repeat. Flashback? no, not really. Remember the episode ‘flashes before your eyes’ from last season, kind of like that only way better.

The episode picks up where we left Sayid and Des a couple of episodes back, they are on the helicopter and heading towards the freighter. Des is looking at the photo of him with Penny. Frank is looking at a map that Daniel drew for him, which he was told to follow very closely. Struggling to control the chopper Frank flies straight into what Sayid calls a “thunderhead”… we’ll call it a storm.

Des awakes, all clean shaven, and at an Army barracks. He says that he was having a dream, and that he was on a helicopter, and he was in a storm… hang on a second. We snap back to the chopper, and Des is freaking out, he’s got no idea where he is, what he’s doing, or who on earth Sayid is.
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Missing Pieces Episode 13

So It Begins

September 21st, 2008 - Comments Off on So It Begins

Ok, so this is the last “Missing Piece” (and yes it took me a little longer than I hoped to get through them all). But this is definitely my favourite one, and its certainly the most Lost-like of them all.

The camera is moving through the grass, as though its looking for something, as its going along it comes across an open suitcase on the ground with clothes scattered everywhere. You can kind of hear the panting so you can assume at this point that we are looking from Vincent’s perspective (plus we’ve seen things from this view before).

Vincent moves on continuing to search, when there is a whistle from the distance. As Vincent approaches we see a familiar pair of white shoes… its Christian Shephard, he calls Vincent over. How does he know Vincent’s name, and how can Vincent see/hear him??

Christian tells Vincent that he needs him to go and find his son (Jack), he says “he’s over then in that bamboo forest, unconscious, I need you to go wake him up”, and he sends Vincent off. As Vincents runs off, the camera goes back to Christian who says “he has work to do”. I would assume that the “he” he refers to is Jack.
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