Orientation Film 294
Season 4 Episode 6

The Other Woman

October 26th, 2008 / Dean

After the madness that was ‘The Constant’ this episode doesn’t venture nearly as far, in fact its all set on the island, including the flashbacks.

Juliet is sitting in a room, looks like she’s waiting for someone, a woman comes in and introduces herself as Harper. Juliet begins to explain that she doesn’t think that she needs therapy, Harper suggests that they just “call it talking” instead. We then find out Juliet has “been here a week” (at this point we still don’t know where “here” is exactly). Juliet tells Harper that she doesn’t really like being treated like a celebrity, or being the centre of attention.

There’s a knock at the door, and its Tom, we now know that we are on the island. This interruption ends their “talk” and as Harper leaves she says “Welcome to the island”. Tom takes Juliet to meet with Ben who is waiting outside one of the houses in the other’s village. Ben tells Juliet that it’s hers. She tells Ben that they shouldn’t have gone to all the trouble as she’s only going to be there for 6 months.

Current time, back on the beach and Juliet is setting up her shelter, Sun offers to lend a hand, then Jack approaches asking if they’ve seen Charlotte and Dan as they are both missing and their stuff is gone. Jin says that he saw them head off into the jungle.

The four of them set off to try and track down Charlotte and Dan. Once in the jungle Juliet begins to hear the whispers, and when she turns around Harper is standing behind her. Harper says “long time no see”, and tells Juliet that she’s there to deliver a message from Ben.

She tells Juliet that Charlotte and Dan are headed to the Tempest, and if they figure out how to deploy the gas, everyone will die. When Juliet asks how she is supposed to stop them, Harper tells her to do it “by pointing the gun and pulling the trigger”. Then Jack shows up, the whispers begin again, and Harper vanishes.

Flash back. Juliet discovers Goodwin going through the medical supplies, he’s looking for something to put on a burn (apparently from the electrical station). He and Juliet have a discussion about why she is on the island (to try and work out why babies and their mothers die on the island). Juliet tells Goodwin that she doesn’t like Harper, and she thinks that she is “mean and spiteful”. Goodwin reveals to her that Harper is his wife. Juliet says that if he doesn’t tell Harper what she said, she won’t tell people he lied about his burn, and that she knows a chemical burn when she sees one.

Back on the search, and Juliet tells Jack that the Tempest is an electrical station that powers the island. Charlotte and Dan are by a creek checking their map. Dan says that he’s having doubts about whether or not he can do “it”, Charlotte reassures him. Kate appears out of the bushes and startles them, Charlotte pulls her gun on Kate before Dan talks her down.

Charlotte spins a story to Kate that Jack had been trying to get in contact with Sayid and Des on the freighter and the sat phone had run out of juice. As Charlotte is talking Kate notices the (still working) sat phone amongst their gear. Charlotte says they are searching for the spare batteries that were in the packs that they dropped from the chopper.

Kate asks Dan what is in the bag that he is carrying, she asks if she can look inside. Although he’s reluctant he lets Kate open the bag and have a look. As Kate discovers the gas masks Charlotte whacks her over the back of the head knocking her out.

Flash back. Juliet is explaining to Ben what she thinks the problem, she says that it only affects those who conceive on the island. Goodwin shows up looking for Juliet, he’s supposedly there to offer her a sandwich, Juliet declines. As Goodwin leaves, Ben doesn’t seem amused by his visit.

Juliet is having another meeting with Harper, they are talking about Ben. Juliet says how Ben has been really good to her. Harper responds, under her breath, “thats because you look just like her”. Before Juliet can question that, Harper starts questioning Juliet about Goodwin. She asks “when did you start sleeping with him”, and when Juliet tries to deny, she says she knows because she followed them. Harper tells Juliet to end it or there will be consequences, not from her but from Ben.

Over in the other’s camp Claire questions Locke about Miles, she says that she’d like to talk to him. She wants to find out who they are and why they aren’t here to rescue them. She suggests to Locke that maybe they are taking the wrong approach. Locke refuses to let Claire see Miles.

Locke takes some food to Ben, who is still being held captive. When Ben notices that its rabbit he asks if it had a number on it (the magic time traveling bunnies from the Dharma video had numbers on them). Ben tries to play mind games with Locke, and Locke asks Ben if he’s got a plan, and if that plan involves $3.2 million. Ben seemed a little surprised that Locke knew about it.

Ben tells Locke that they share a common enemy, and its not the freighters but its who they work for. He asks Locke to let him out of the basement and he’ll tell him everything he knows. When Locke turns down his offer Ben says “I guess I’ll just have to show you”.

Flash back. Juliet and Goodwin are having lunch by the water. They are talking about why they are being so secretive about their relationship. Juliet says its because of Ben (and what he’d do), not Goodwin’s wife. He says that he works everyday with chemicals that could kill everyone if he flipped the wrong switch, so he’s not really worried about Ben. Then cuts to the scene from the beginning of “A Tale of Two Cities” when the others see Flight 815 crash and Ben sends Ethan and Goodwin off to investigate.

Jack and Juliet are running through the jungle, still searching for Charlotte and Dan, when they come across Kate, Jack tends to Kate and Juliet goes to get water. Kate tells him that she ran into Charlotte and Dan, and that Charlotte knocked her out. She tells him that they were carrying gas masks, at which points Jack calls out for Juliet, who has conveniently disappeared.

Locke has now let Ben out of the basement, and Ben tells him to look behind the picture on the wall. There is a safe (combination 36,15,28), inside the safe there is a video labelled “red sox”, Ben tells him to ignore the label, he taped over the game. The video is of Charles Widmore, who is seen getting out of his car. Ben tells Locke that he is the owner of the freighter, and that he’s been trying to find the island.

The video then shows Widmore beating up one of Ben’s people who caught. Ben goes back over to the safe and takes out a file, which he gives to Locke, and says it contains everything that he knows about Charles Widmore. Locke tells Ben that there’s one more thing that he wants to know, who is his man on the boat. Ben says “you might want to sit down”.

Jack and Kate are now tracking Juliet in addition to Charlotte and Dan. Jack asks Kate why she stayed at the others camp with Locke. She tells Jack that she needed to find out if the freighter people knew who she was and what she did, which they do. Meanwhile Juliet arrives at the Tempest, it looks like Charlotte and Dan are already inside, she opens the door and heads in.

Flash back. Juliet arrives at Ben’s expecting a dinner party, only to find out its just dinner for two. She asks Ben when Goodwin is expected back from being “undercover” in the tailies camp. She says its a risk having him there since Ethan was killed. Ben doesn’t really care, and seems quite pleased that Goodwin isn’t around.

Back to Juliet entering the Tempest, there are alarms sounding and a message saying something about the switching to manual override isn’t authorised. She then sees Dan at the computer on a lower level. Another alarm sounds, signaling 1 minute until contamination. When Juliet confronts Dan he says that he’s trying to make the gas inert to make it safe. Charlotte attacks Juliet from behind.

Juliet and Charlotte fight while Dan works away at the computer, in the end Juliet over powers Charlotte and demands that she tell Dan to stop whatever he’s doing. Charlotte says they are trying to disable the gas before (Ben) can use it against them. She says that they know that he’s used the gas before (for the purge). With two seconds remaining on the countdown, Dan successfully disables the gas.

Flash back. Ben comes to visit Juliet, she is in the process of reading through Jack’s file that she received from Mikhail. She tells Ben that he’s a spinal surgeon and that he could help him. Ben doesn’t seem very interested in the news. After a short pause he asks Juliet to come with him.

He takes her out into the island where he shows her Goodwin’s impaled body which was discovered on the side of a hill. Juliet asks Ben why he would bring her out to see it. Ben retorts “what? instead of his wife”. Juliet accuses Ben of sending Goodwin because he knew that he’d end up dead. Ben begins to get angry and says to Juliet that after all the trouble he went through to get her and to keep her on the island that she should understand that “your mine”. He then walks off.

Juliet and Charlotte are leaving the Tempest just as Kate and Jack turn up. Kate pulls her gun, Juliet tries to reassure Kate telling her that they are “on our side”, Kate questions “our side?”. Charlotte says that she can explain how they just saved everyones lives, and takes Kate into the Tempest.

Juliet explains to Jack how Ben wanted her to kill Charlotte and Dan, and that he knew exactly where they were going and what they were trying to do. She tells him that they came here to wage war against Ben, and that Ben will win, and when he does that Jack should be as far away from her as possible, because of how Ben feels about her, and because Ben knows how she feels about Jack.

Back at the others camp, Hurley and Sawyer are playing horseshoe when they see Ben casually wandering across to one of the houses, he says “see you guys at dinner” and heads inside. Looks like his information has earnt him some form of trust with Locke.

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