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Has anyone else noticed…

July 28th, 2009 / Dean

Has anyone else noticed the similarities between the “LOST - The Final Season” poster (still searching for a decent copy) and the cover of The Beatles’ album Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band? For your reference, the front, and the back. Ok, ok so its a stretch, but hear me out.

Comparing the poster and the font cover of the album, you have the living characters surrounded by numerous deceased characters in the poster, and the Beatles surrounded by numerous deceased personalities. But when you look at the back cover of the album, you’ll see that Paul McCartney is facing away from you, just like Locke/Fake-Locke is in the poster. The image of Paul on the Beatles album fueled the conspiracy that he was in fact dead, despite that not really being the case (as far as we know…), so is the backward facing Locke image trying to tell us something similar… I’ll let you decide.

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  1. Willy

    I do get books from folks wanting reewvis. I’m careful to pick out things I might like as I don’t care tro write about stuff I don’t like. I think I may have been dropped from some publisher’s lists as I received a number of books out of the blue and just couldn’t get into them.Maybe the fault was mine, maybe the book’s, but I just drop those after a bit and never write about them.Most writers that ask, I know one in particular that sent me three books at one time, tell me there’s no obligation implied to review stuff they send me.I turn down writers often that send me emails asking if I be interested in reviewing their works. I politely decline if it looks like something I have no interest in. I feel I would be doing the writer an injustice trying to review a book I was predisposed to not liking.I guess that makes me a bad reviewer. So be it.

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