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Season 5, Episode 3


February 4th, 2009 - Comments Off on Jughead

Another great episode, and all with neither sight nor sound from Ben and the Oceanic Six. I don’t know about you, but personally I think the Desmond-centric episodes are my favourites. Just think how good “Flashes before your eyes” and “The Constant” were.

When are the events, both on and off the island, taking place?

Well Alpert tells Locke that its 1954, and from what we see it would appear that Desmond’s part is taking place around the same time as Ben’s attempts to bring the Oceanic Six back together. When we see Des, with son Charlie, on the boat the kid looks about 2, Charles Widmore also says that he hasn’t seen Penny for about three years.

“You just couldn’t stay away could you”

When “the science team” is capture and Miles bravely tells them that Daniel is their leader the girl (Ellie) says to Dan “you just couldn’t stay away could you”, now I think this is because she thinks their US Military, but there was just something about the way that she said it.

Speaking of Ellie, who is she, is she important?

Given that the losties time-warped back out of 1954 at the end of the episode we might not see Ellie again, or will we? It could be possible that an older Ellie is still with the other in ‘present time’. The role she played in the episode and also that Dan told her about their time travel makes me wonder if there is more to come. Now, if sometime later in the series they jump back to, say, 1955 then Alpert, Widmore, Ellie et al might actually believe them assuming of course that they noticed that they vanished from right before their eyes.

What did Faraday do to the woman that Desmond goes to visit

Given that he was a scientist doing research into transporting rats brains through time, what are the chances she was a human lab rat and he tried the same thing on her? Her Sister says that she is currently “away”, the same term that Faraday used to describe where Desmond and Minkowski were during their time traveling adventures. If she is “away” in the same way, where or when is she? Could she be on the island? And why is Widmore basically paying to keep her alive?
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