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Season 4, Episode 12, 13 and 14

There’s No Place Like Home

January 22nd, 2009 / Dean

There is only one thing that I hate about Lost, and that is that its shown in the US before it is here in Australia. Its not Lost’s fault though, its the fault of the stupid television networks in this part of the world. As a result I download the latest episode as they a shown (and, yes, I watch it again when its on TV, especially now that its shown in HD), otherwise I run the risk of having the whole thing spoiled before I get to see it. Mind you, Channel 7 do a good enough job of spoiling major plot points in their “promos” almost every week.

So while I wait for the Season 5 premiere to finish, I’m going to have a look at a few questions that sprung to mind during my re-watching of the Season 4 finale over the past two nights. I think this might be a better format for my recap posts to take, since the “full recaps” were taking way to much time to prepare and write, which is why I only ever managed to get half of Season 4 done. Anyway, on with the questions.

Where is Claire?

She wandered off into the jungle one night, and since then we’ve seen her just once, in the cabin with Christian Shephard. The real question I guess is, is Claire dead? Its been reported that Claire won’t be seen in at least the first half of season 5, but that itself doesn’t mean she’s dead. I think that given we’ve seen her “appear” to Kate in a dream in the future that we can assume that she is dead at that time (the future), but I’m not convinced that she’s dead yet on the island. And if she is actually dead, who killed her? Zombie Ethan?….

Why did they choose Boone, Libby and Charlie for their story?

When the Oceanic Six front up to their press conference they name those passengers who “survived the crash, but died on the island”. The name Boone, Libby and Charlie. Why did they pick these three out of all the people that had died. Charlie perhaps because he was famous, but why Boone and not Shannon, why Libby and not Ana Lucia, Mr Eko, Dr Arzt, Jin etc etc. There would have to be a reason why. The second episode in season 5 is entitled “The Lie” so theres a chance that we might find out then.

Who was Ben communicating with using the mirror?

Since Alpert and the other find Kate and Sayid and then help rescue Ben, I guessing that it was just Alpert that he was communicating, nothing too mysterious about it. Although before we see Alpert there was always the chance he was communicating with someone else, even Jacob maybe.

Why do they have Christian Shepherd’s memorial service 6 months after they get rescued?

Hardly a huge plot point but since it was the only thing Jack wanted to do when he got back, it seemed a little odd that the memorial was held so long after they were rescued. How do we know this? Because Jack say something about “10 months ago he put his Fathers coffin on a plane”, and they were on the island for a bit over three months meaning this must have taken place around 6 months after they got back. But why?

How did the bomb end up on the boat without anybody knowing about it?

Keamy obviously knew it was there, but did anyone else? (besides his men). You’d think that none of Miles, Dan, Charlotte or Frank did, otherwise they would have warned them. But then Dan was pretty worked up about needing to get off the island ASAP, so perhaps he knew something. Also was the bomb originally intended to be used to blow the boat up? I don’t think it was the original plan, but once it got to a point where Keamy worked out that the losties would try and used it to flee the island he set it up to destroy the boat and anyone on it.

Why was Locke using the name Jeremy Bentham off the island?
I’d say we’ll find this out a some point in Season 5. Is it just so he can go undetected when back on the mainland? Does it have something to do with where/when the island went after Ben moved it? Does he assume a new name once he takes over as leader of the Others? Was he just tired of having a mono-syllabic name?

What did Miles mean when he said Charlotte spent a long time trying to get back to the Island?

When Miles continues “yes, what do I mean?” you could be forgiven to think he’s just playing with her mind. But I think it goes deeper than that. Remember when Charlotte found the polar bear in the desert, with the Dharma collar? When she looked at the Dharma logo, she recognised it, or at least thats the impression I got. Later Charlotte tells Dan that she’s “still looking for where she was born”, Dan doesn’t understand. So was Charlotte born on the Island? That would be interesting for a couple of reasons, how did she survived being born I thought all babies dies on the island, how did she get off the island after she was born, whats her connection to the island (Dharma probably).

Did Sayid kill Bentham, or does he know who did?

I don’t think Sayid killed Bentham, but there was something about the way that he told Hurley that “they said it was suicide” that suggested he knew more than he was telling. Another reason it wouldn’t have been Sayid is that he’s working with Ben, and Ben would want assist Bentham not kill him. Right? Probably a good chance that someone connected to Charles Widmore is responsible, a bit odd if thats the case, shouldn’t they have used him to find the island for themselves? My random pick for the killer, Sun.

What exactly are the “common interests” between Sun and Charles Widmore?

They both hate Ben. They both want to find the island, Widmore “because its his” Sun because she probably doesn’t believe that Jin is dead. I found it interesting that Widmore pretended that he didn’t know who she was, but yet knew who Mr Paik was, but then he didn’t deny not knowing her when she asked him. You’d think its a pretty safe bet that Widmore knows exactly who was on the plane, afterall he dropped a fake plane into a ditch and claimed it was Flight 815.

Where is the Island?

Ben turned the ‘donkey wheel’ and the island vanished. Where did it go? I’ve already written a lengthy post about it, but I still think that its more when than where, hopefully we find out in the premiere, although it would be fine if they went along for a couple of episodes like nothing was different and then “bam”…

Why does Claire tell Kate not to take Aaron back to the Island?
Back to me theory about Claire not being dead as a result of her wandering off into the jungle, I think she’ll die later on. We already know that “bad things happened” after the Oceanic Six left, numerous deaths would be a “bad thing”. So Claire doesn’t want Aaron taken back because she knows what’s been happening on the island since they left, either that or she has worked out that Aaron is a super baby with super powers that the others are waiting to gain control of to take over the world.

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