Orientation Film 428
Season 5, Episode 4

The Little Prince

February 11th, 2009 / Dean

Who was the guy who attacked Sayid, and why did he have Kate’s address?

There is probably a good chance he was working for Ben, and was connect to the two guys that Sayid and Hurley encountered at the safe house. He was probably going after them this way because he knew he would have a hard time convincing them to go back otherwise. Kate’s address was probably in his pocket because she was next on the list.

Time travel sickness is spreading

Miles becomes the next to begin suffering nosebleeds (and we’ve seen how great that turns out for the others), and at the end of the episode Juliet is getting nosebleeds as well. After Miles tells Dan about his nosebleed Dan explains that they may have something to do with the time of exposure/time spent on the island, Miles says he’s never been to the island before two weeks ago… Dan replies are you sure about that.

The popular theory is that Miles is Pierre Chang’s son, if this is the case, when did Miles leave the island, how, and why doesn’t he know about it.

So they were in the time of the hatch lighting up, Boone’s death, Claire having the baby etc, and then…

When the Island 6 (now that Locke has joined up with them all) turn up back at the beach camp after their latest time flash, they find their camp is back but… all the food appears to have been eaten, everyone else is gone and there are two random boats on the beach. Inside one of these boats there is a bottle of water with an “Ajira Airways” label on it, Juliet explains that its an Indian airline that flys all over the world.

My theory is that the time they’ve jumped to some point after the Oceanic Six return, and the boats are the boats they used to get to the island. This would possibly explain why the food is all gone, and there is no one on the beach., but it doesn’t really explain who is shooting at them from the the second boat… unless they they are shooting at themselves.

What will sun do

She’s got a gun, she’s waiting in her car (with Aaron) and Ben is only a few meters away. I highly doubt she’ll kill him, but there might still be a chance she gets a shot off before someone (probably Sayid) stops her. And given she want Ben dead, how exactly are they going to convince her to go back to the island… oh that’s right, she doesn’t know Jin isn’t dead.

Young Rousseau and the French people find Jin.

Well I was always pretty sure Jin would return at some point, mainly because I’d accidentally seen his individual promos shots, but I hadn’t seen anything about how, when or where he might return. Getting discovered by Rousseau and co is going to mess with his head, particularly if he been unconscious since the freighter exploded and unaware of all the time jumping madness that’s been going on. But then again, even if he had been conscious he probably still wouldn’t know what was happening because he was floating around in the ocean.

Remember that Rousseau mentions ‘the sickness’ a lot, but she never seems to explain what it actually is. Could the sickness be similar to time-travel-sickness that Des, Minkowski, Charlotte, Miles, Juliet etc have suffered?

When they are on the beach, one of the French guys has a radio and you can hear the beginning of the numbers being repeated. This must lead them to find the radio tower and change it to their own repeating message, the one that the Losties heard.

Answering questions instead of leaving them hanging.

If this episode was in seasons 1-3 then it would have been very different. It would have ended before the French people rolled Jin over to reveal who it was, we wouldn’t have found out it was Rousseau, Ben wouldn’t have openly admitted it was he who was trying to get Aaron, we wouldn’t have found out who Dan Norton was visiting at the hotel, and we wouldn’t have found out that Claire’s Mother was only there because she sued Oceanic. And that’s just some of it, I’m really enjoying that Lost is starting to answer things a little quicker, yet still leaving plenty open until the next episode.

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