Orientation Film 433
Season 5, Episode 5

This Place Is Death

February 18th, 2009 / Dean

Another great episode, lots of interesting things to talk about. Smokey, death and donkey wheels, oh my.

Is that Hurley saying the numbers?

I saw this mentioned on another site, and checked it out for myself, have a close listen to the voice on the French people’s radio, is that Hurley? And if it is, is it deliberate or just the only soundbite of the numbers they had lying around? Maybe it was Hurley who recorded the numbers originally as a warning to sty away from the island?

Return of smokey

We still have no real idea what smokey is, but it sure does like catching, killing and re-animating people. After disposing of one of the French women, it grabs one of the men and drags it through the jungle and down into a hole at the Temple. Is this where smokey live? How it the temple connected to the secret room under Ben’s house back in otherville, remember the one he disappeared into just before he ‘summoned’ smokey to come and attack Keamy’s men.

Jin stopped Rousseau from going after after the men

Interesting, she seemed certain to follow the rest of her people down the hole until Jin stopped her, what would she have done if Jin has flashed back in time to stop her? Assuming that wasn’t already the reason why she didn’t go down there, if that makes sense.

Rousseau isn’t nuts, they were actually trying to kill her, why?

She referred the them as ‘sick’, but they were probably being re-animated by smokey, but why were they/smokey trying to kill her. And if it wanted her dead, how come 16 years later it still hadn’t killed her?

Smokey is a security system?

It’s not the first time we’ve heard someone refer to smokey as a security system, this time it was Robert (who’d gone down the hole looking for the other guy), he tells Rousseau that ‘its a security system guarding the temple’. Two things, we now kind of know what the ‘temple’ is that Ben sent the rest of the others too way back when (season 3?), and secondly how would Robert know this unless he was actually smokey in disguise, I pretty sure he didn’t sit down with smokey and discuss things over coffee.

How does Charlotte know Korean?

Jin goes to Charlotte asking for her to translate, which much to everyone’s surprise she actually does. She first starts speaking it after the double flash and shortly after begins talking like a child. Is the Korean something she learnt as a kid? Quite possible if she was on the island during Dharma times.

Charlotte tells Dan that she’s been to the island before

That she grew up there, and there was this thing called the Dharma Initiative and she moved away with her Mother when she was a child. She says that when she would ask her Mother about the island her Mother would tell it wasn’t real, the island was the reason why she became an anthropologist, so she could find the island again. This explains the excited look on her face when she discovered the Dharma collar around the polar bear’s neck in Tunisia. But who was her Dad? I’m guessing he probably stayed on the island at least for some time after? Charles Widmore perhaps?

The crazy man

Charlotte says when she was little there was this crazy man who scared her, he told her she had to leave the island and never come back, and that if she ever came back she would die… and that she thinks that Dan was this crazy man. Honestly, very cool (especially since Dan seemed quite confused, meaning he probably hasn’t gone back in time to do this yet), but didn’t come as a huge shock.

Flash appears at the bottom of the well

As Locke descends down the well towards the donkey wheel, time flashes again, and it looks like the light comes beaming up from the bottom of the well. When the flash ends, the well is no more.

Demise of Charlotte

Apparently she was not allowed to have chocolate before dinner, ‘Apollo Bars’ probably. Also looks like she’s really dead this time, except of course when they flash back in time and see her again.

Locke sees Christian Shephard underground

I was actually expecting it to be Alpert that appeared, but think it was more interesting that it was Christian. I wonder if he is simply speaking for Jacob, or could he actually be Jacob? Christian explains that Locke was supposed to move the island not Ben, and that he must do it now. He tells Locke that he must convince everyone who left to come back and then find Eloise Hawking and she can tell him how to get back.

Locke asks Christian for help

When Locke asked Christian for help to get up he says he can’t - probably cause he’s just a dead body being re-animated by the island/Jacob/smokey, either that or Locke was imagining the whole thing.

Is the off-axis wheel the cause of the time jumps?

Given the way that is was sort of sparking as it moved around, and that turning it causes the island to move, I suppose its possible. Turn it clockwise, as both Ben and Locke have done and the island jumps back, while they jump forward (Ben turned the wheel in approx. January 2005 and ‘landed’ in Tunisia in October 2005, yet the island went back to a time before their crash). Using this logic as the wheel rocks back and forth (because its off axis) time jumps forwards and backwards. Makes sense to me.

Say ‘Hi’ to my Son

Christian’s parting word for Locke as he turns the wheel, as the time flash begins Locke replies ‘who is your son?’, but he’s gone before he gets an answer.

Eloise Hawking

When Ben, Sun and Jack turn up to see Hawking, it just so happens Des turns up too. He asks why they are there, to which Ben answers “probably the same reason you are”, Des replies “are you looking for Daniel’s Mother?”, Ben looks puzzled, maybe he didn’t know. So there we go, unsurprisingly Hawking IS Dan’s mother. Again, awesome connection, even though I saw it coming.

Will have to do for now, lets get started.

Was Hawking’s response when Ben said that it was the best he could do with short notice. I wonder how well the plan to go back to the island is going to go with only 2/5 of the Oceanic Six? Guess we might find out in ‘316’.

One Whisper about This Place Is Death

  1. sammie

    does jack have a twin. i think in season 2 the two guys in the eskimo coats that called penny

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