Orientation Film 417
Season 5, Episode 2

The Lie

January 29th, 2009 / Dean

So I’m writing this after I’ve watched episode 3, who cares, some of these are answered by episode 3 but I won’t give them away. I do intend to do my best to stay ahead of the next episode if possible, this week I had two episodes to cover. And I’m lazy.

Why does Hurley keep seeing dead people?

We’ve seen Kate see Claire, and Jack has been seeing his dead Father ever since they crashed, but Hurley seems to see a lot more dead people than everyone else. Makes you wonder, is he really seeing them or is he really nuts.

What is Dan’s little gadget that he’s going to use to determine where they are in time?

For those that watch ‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicle’ it looks like that device that one of the terminators used early this season to looks at the stars and determine what year it was. So I guess its probably something like that, he is a scientist after all.

Ben tells Jack that he has to move Locke’s body to keep it safe, when Jack questions “he is dead isn’t he?” Ben does not answer…

Can we read much into this, or is it just Ben being Ben and withholding information from Jack on purpose. Locke probably is “dead” it might be a question of how dead he is though, and is he going to spring back to life when/if they get him back to the island. After all Alpert told him he’d have to die to convince them to return, he never said he had to stay dead.

Why is Sun in LA?

She tells Kate that she has “business to attend to”. What kind of business? We know she wants to kill Ben, and Ben is going to need to ‘recruit’ her in order to get her back to the island. There is going to have to be a confrontation of some sort in the near future.

Who is the butcher that Ben visits?

Ok probably not Dharma, since I doubt they’d work with Ben after he wiped them off the face of the island. One of the Others perhaps, completely reasonable that he’s got people placed off the island just in case. How does she know what Ben has got with him (Locke), since she also knows he was going to get Jack and the other I’d say that Ben had already met up with her and brought her up to speed with his plan. Now he just needs to share that plan with us.

Who is shooting the flaming arrows?

Really who cares? They killed Frogurt and that’s all that matters. Its too primitive to be Dharma (they’d use guns), so its probably the Hostiles/Others. Brings up the question about what time they are currently in. Is it a time before Dharma? or is it during the Dharma era.

The way that Hurley describes the events on the island to his Mother kind of does make him sounds nuts. Just saying.

Read his one (long) sentence summary here.

Who were the people that find Sawyer and Juliet?

I don’t think they are Dharma, after watching it through a second time their name badges are different to those on the Dharma jumpsuits, and there doesn’t appear to be any Dharma logos visible either. Like I mentioned above, they are probably Hostiles.

What is Mrs Hawking calculating? What is the pendulum? Where is she?

Appears that she is calculating where the island is. And where ever it is it sounds like it (or they) will be on the move again in 70 hours, which doesn’t really give Ben much time to organise things. From bits and pieces I’ve seen elsewhere the theory is that the pendulum thing is magnetic and somehow its being used to find the island…ok. Mrs Hawking must be in LA (which works well with a theory from the first episode…) since Ben visits her, she appears to be stationed at/under a church in her own little Dharma-esque station.

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