Orientation Film 263
Missing Pieces Episode 13

So It Begins

September 21st, 2008 / Dean

Ok, so this is the last “Missing Piece” (and yes it took me a little longer than I hoped to get through them all). But this is definitely my favourite one, and its certainly the most Lost-like of them all.

The camera is moving through the grass, as though its looking for something, as its going along it comes across an open suitcase on the ground with clothes scattered everywhere. You can kind of hear the panting so you can assume at this point that we are looking from Vincent’s perspective (plus we’ve seen things from this view before).

Vincent moves on continuing to search, when there is a whistle from the distance. As Vincent approaches we see a familiar pair of white shoes… its Christian Shephard, he calls Vincent over. How does he know Vincent’s name, and how can Vincent see/hear him??

Christian tells Vincent that he needs him to go and find his son (Jack), he says “he’s over then in that bamboo forest, unconscious, I need you to go wake him up”, and he sends Vincent off. As Vincents runs off, the camera goes back to Christian who says “he has work to do”. I would assume that the “he” he refers to is Jack.

The next thing we see is the close-up of Jack’s eye from the very beginning of the Pilot episode followed by the first 40-odd seconds of the pilot. This was the perfect little mini-episode to get me really excited about the season 4 starting, so I really hope that they will have something (anything) similar this year before season 5.

Oh, and the video quality is a bit ordinary, which is my the header image looks a little dodgy.

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