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Season 5

Season 5 Cast Promo Photo

December 5th, 2008 - Comments Off on Season 5 Cast Promo Photo

Season 5 Promo Photo

So I had planned to post about four of the most recent (short) Lost promos which have a few small bits and pieces that weren’t in the longer promos that we’ve already seen. I’ve taken the sceen-caps, but I don’t really feel like writing about them tonight, so I’ll save that and do it sometime over the weekend (I promise).

To hold you over here is a full cast promo shot, and even though Rebecca Mader (Charlotte) doesn’t appear to be part of the “permanent” cast for next season she is still in the photo.

UPDATE: Just saw this mentioned briefly on another site, take a close look at Faraday’s left foot…or the lack there of. Don’t believe me? I’ll post a close up later. It definitely looks like its been “photoshopped” though as the leg of his pants is in front of the tree branch which itself is about a metre in front of Faraday. How odd… maybe that why ABC has been asking sites to take down the high res version…

Aside from the discussion of several promos, I’m also planning to write about the 2-min s5e01 promo that was released a couple of days ago (early access was given to those participating in “Dharma Special Access”), and I’m also going to get back to analysing the Marvin Candle/Pierre Chang comic-con video.

Season 5

A closer look at the second Season 5 Lost promo

November 23rd, 2008 - Comments Off on A closer look at the second Season 5 Lost promo

The second full length promo for season 5 was released a couple of days ago during Grey’s Anatomy, and a little alter it was also made available online. The promo is a joint venture of sorts between “The Fray” and ABC, and is being used to promote both Lost and The Fray’s new single “You found me”. While some of the scenes shown were also in the first promo, there is still a bunch of new stuff to go over. The full video is attached so you can check it out at your leisure.

First of the ‘new’ bits is Hurley sitting at a table, probably in the house that we’ve already seen in his flash forwards. There is a quick shot of Kate holding Aaron. We get a close up of Locke’s eye, which zooms out to show him flat on his back (not sure if this is new or not). We get another angle of Faraday’s confrontation with the person in the hazmat suit, this time more from the perspective of the person in the suit.

We see Sayid and Jack having a fight, and Sayid appears to have a n oxygen mask around his neck, so this could possible take place after the scene of Hurley helping Sayid out from the last promo, which itself is possibly connect to some of the other shots in this promo. After a few flashes of Desmond (who wasn’t in the first promo), we see a couple of the losties still on the island (is it Scott or Steve?), and Miles notices a bomb which appears to be attached to a trip wire (the type of traps that Rousseau used), theres and explosion and Miles dives away. Could this be the end of Scott/Steve (which ever one isn’t dead). Just before the explosion there is also the first flash of the “Ajira Airways” logo on the screen.

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First Season 5 Poster

November 19th, 2008 - Comments Off on First Season 5 Poster

First Season 5 Poster

Source: DarkUFO (now watermark free)

Season 5

Screenshots and Theories from the Season 5 Promo

October 30th, 2008 - Comments Off on Screenshots and Theories from the Season 5 Promo

I’m trying really hard to make sure I don’t read any spoilers about season 5. Last year while waiting for season 4 to begin it got the better of me and I thought I’d just read a few bits. One of those ‘bits’ was who the Oceanic Six were, although the spoilers I read said that Jin was one of the six, another ‘bit’ was that Aaron was off the island and being cared for by Kate who was treating him as her own. Both were things that I’d rather have found out by just watching.

So since all we’ve got so far is the 40 seconds or so from the second half of the season 5 promo, I’m going to start theorising. Why? Because I can. Below are a selection of the more interesting shots from the promo, click each to view them full-size. Also I’d say that most of these are from the first couple of episodes since they’ve only shot the first half a dozen or so.

First shot is the Dharma logo that flashes up a couple of time around the middle of the promo. Then there’s Locke on the ground with somebody pointing a gun at him. Locke certainly looks surprised, not sure who its is though, perhaps one of the Others, or perhaps someone else, we don’t know “when” the island is. Juliet looks like she’s discovered a hatch very similar to the Swan hatch that Locke and Boone found way back when. Since the Swan blew up, its probably not it, but another station. Or again it could be a case of “when” not “where”.

Dan is in a cave, and he’s got a Dharma safety hat on. Could he possibly be underneath the Orchid station where the “donkey wheel” is/was. Locke, it either night or he’s inside, maybe being held captive by whoever was pointing that gun at him. Alpert with a flaming torch, I hope we find out some more about Alpert and his apparent immortality. Someone with a compass, Locke had a compass at one point so it could be him, trying to find Jacob maybe. Hurley with a gun.

Looks like Hurley and Sayid pay someone a visit. Sayid kicks ass, Hurley cheers him on. My (probably way off the mark) theory is that they’ve gone to get Des. Why? Continue reading Screenshots and Theories from the Season 5 Promo →

Season 5

Season 5 Promo

October 23rd, 2008 - Comments Off on Season 5 Promo

Update: The promo has now been posted on ABC.com so I’ve updated the video to the full quality version. Much nicer. Might even screen-cap some of the interesting bits later if I’ve got time.

It may still be about 3 months away but we’ve now had our first peak at season 5 of Lost. The first half is your typical overall summary of what has happened so far sort of thing, and then the second half contains some (very, very brief) snippets from season 5.

Around half way, during the scene with Jack and Ben, you might have noticed the screen flashes a couple of times. If you pause it (quite hard to do with the flash video) its actually a Dharma Initiative logo on the screen. This is what is shown.

So what does it show from season 5? It looks like Juliet discovers the swan station, or perhaps uncovers another Dharma station. Sayid mentions a safe house, Hurley has a gun, Sayid is beating some dude up, and then Hurley is helping Sayid out, he says they “never should have left that island”. Sun appears to be locked in an interview room of some description. Kates packing her bags…and her gun, and she tells Aaron that they are going on vacation. Jack says that everyone they left behind would die too if he didn’t go back. Ben says “thank God for second chances”.
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Comic-Con 2008

Lost at Comic-Con 2008

July 27th, 2008 - Comments Off on Lost at Comic-Con 2008

Remember the ad for “Octagon Global Recruiting” that ran towards the end of the season 4 finale, well the dates it mentioned were referring to Comic-Con 208 in San Diego. In addition to what appears to be the beginning of a new ARG to keep us entertained until Season 5 starts next year, the producers broke their self-imposed “radio silence” to talk about some bits and pieces about both the last season and next season.

Now, I wouldn’t really say that any of these are “spoilers” but if you are trying to avoid anything remotely spoiler-like you might notwant to read the Q and A section that’s after the jump. There we go, vague warning out of the way.
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Season 4, Episode 14

He moved the Island

June 8th, 2008 - Comments Off on He moved the Island

So Ben “moved” the island, how about that. First lets go back to episode 9 “The Shape of Thing to Come”, remember that Ben wakes up in the middle of the Sahara Desert (presumably in Tunisia) wearing that jacket with the Orchid station emblem, and the name Halliwax on it, and with a cut on his right arm. When he arrives at the hotel in Tunisia he asks what the date is… its October 21st 2005. Right, ok.

Ben told Locke that whoever moved the island couldn’t come back. He didn’t say anything about traveling over 10 months into the future at the same time. When Ben ‘moves’ the Island its around day 100-101, which would be around New Year’s Day 2005. It seems pretty straight-forward that Ben ends up in the Sahara as a direct result of moving the Island, especially since he’s still got the cut on the arm (from when he fell down the ladder), and he’s wearing the jacket with the same name on it.

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Times are shifting…

February 18th, 2008 - Comments Off on Times are shifting…

I’ve already covered bits of this in a couple of other posts, but episode 2 “Confirmed Dead” adds some interesting points to my argument.

On the Island it is supposedly almost Christmas 2004, remembering that the plane crashed on the 22nd September 2004.

In Find815 the main character Sam made mention that he wouldn’t be home for Christmas (no year mentioned), which would lead you to believe that the expedition he was on was taking place around December/January. Originally I thought this was taking place at the end of 2007/start of 2008, to coincide with the “press release” from Oceanic stating that they would begin flying again on the 31st December 2007. Seemed to make sense that they would abandon the search, and then resume flying. Right?
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Maybe we’ve seen flash-forwards before

February 4th, 2008 - Comments Off on Maybe we’ve seen flash-forwards before

Ok, so the one of the “big” things to come from the season 3 finale was the introduction of the flash-forward element to the Lost story, or was it. Yes it probably was the introduction, but consider this for a moment.

What if some of the flash-backs we have seen in previous episodes were actually flash-forwards and it just didn’t occur to us. Its probably a stretch but I’m sure I’m not the only person who has had this thought. Think about all those flash-backs we’ve already seen, do any of them jump about as being out-of-place?

Find 815

When exactly did Oceanic start flying again?

February 4th, 2008 - Comments Off on When exactly did Oceanic start flying again?

After more thought, and a little more investigation I’m not 100% when the Find 815 ARG was taking place. There doesn’t appear to be any mention of a year throughout the whole story. The original “press release” from ABC that stated that Oceanic was returning to the airways on the 31st of December, but in what year.

Initially I just assumed 2007, since that was when the press release came out, but by the time the Find 815 story concluded I wasn’t so convinced. This is why. At the end of Find 815 they discover Flight 815 in deep ocean trench, just like Naomi said when she dropped onto the island near the end of season 3. But events on the show (and on the island) are taking place in 2004. So how would she know (not to mention how would Locke’s Dad know) anything about it if it was supposedly found early in 2008.

The only logical answer I can see is that Oceanic resumed flying in December 2004 not 2007. Either that or the theory that time on the island and time off the island are running at different speeds, ie Naomi is from 2007, but lands on the island in 2004. Yes, sounds far fetched but this Lost.