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Times are shifting…

February 18th, 2008 / Dean

I’ve already covered bits of this in a couple of other posts, but episode 2 “Confirmed Dead” adds some interesting points to my argument.

On the Island it is supposedly almost Christmas 2004, remembering that the plane crashed on the 22nd September 2004.

In Find815 the main character Sam made mention that he wouldn’t be home for Christmas (no year mentioned), which would lead you to believe that the expedition he was on was taking place around December/January. Originally I thought this was taking place at the end of 2007/start of 2008, to coincide with the “press release” from Oceanic stating that they would begin flying again on the 31st December 2007. Seemed to make sense that they would abandon the search, and then resume flying. Right?

The conclusion of Find815 saw the discovery of Flight 815 in the Sunda trench. This is then reported at the beginning of “Confirmed Dead” linking the two stories together, but creating more questions than it answers…as usual.

In order for the team of Freighters to be assembled and then sent to Island you could assume that the “wreckage” of 815 was discovered no later than mid-December 2004. Of course its likely that it could have been discovered earlier, but thats not my argument. Even if what we saw in Find815 was taking place in 2004 it doesn’t line up, since the freighters have landed on the island before Sam Thomas and Christiane 1 have discovered the wreckage…

From ‘Confirmed Dead’, we know that the wreckage was definitely discovered before they were assembled and sent to the island. So the question is, were the ‘flashes’ that we saw in this episode ‘flashbacks’ or ‘flashforwards’…stay with me.

I have a theory that the freighter is in fact connected to Penny, but not the Penny that Charlie spoke to when he disabled the jamming equipment. That was 2004 Penny, who knows nothing about any freighter. A ‘future’ Penny might know something about it. Why do I think Penny is connected to the boat, because when Naomi first lands on the Island she is in possession of a photo of Desmond and Penny.

Timeline could then be something like this. Plane crashes in September 2004, wreckage found end of 2004 (by Christiane 1), freighters assembled in 2005, freighters land on Island end of 2005 (their time…which is only the end of 2004 on the island), some of the Losties are rescued early 2006, Hurley goes nuts late 2006, Jack goes nuts early 2007…weirdness ensues…Jack gets back to the island for the series finale…

In other words time on the island is running at a different rate to time off the island. And really what other good reason is there for the obvious lack of years being mentioned around certain events if there is nothing strange happening. I think that makes sense.

No Whispers about Times are shifting…

  1. Neil

    So are you saying that time has skewwwwwwwwwwwwweedd!!

  2. Adrian

    Great scot!!!

    I think you broke my brain.

  3. Dean

    You say that now…just wait…