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Season 5 Promo

October 23rd, 2008 / Dean

Update: The promo has now been posted on ABC.com so I’ve updated the video to the full quality version. Much nicer. Might even screen-cap some of the interesting bits later if I’ve got time.

It may still be about 3 months away but we’ve now had our first peak at season 5 of Lost. The first half is your typical overall summary of what has happened so far sort of thing, and then the second half contains some (very, very brief) snippets from season 5.

Around half way, during the scene with Jack and Ben, you might have noticed the screen flashes a couple of times. If you pause it (quite hard to do with the flash video) its actually a Dharma Initiative logo on the screen. This is what is shown.

So what does it show from season 5? It looks like Juliet discovers the swan station, or perhaps uncovers another Dharma station. Sayid mentions a safe house, Hurley has a gun, Sayid is beating some dude up, and then Hurley is helping Sayid out, he says they “never should have left that island”. Sun appears to be locked in an interview room of some description. Kates packing her bags…and her gun, and she tells Aaron that they are going on vacation. Jack says that everyone they left behind would die too if he didn’t go back. Ben says “thank God for second chances”.

There are also a couple of shots near the end which I think might just be “fillers”. One looks like Kelvin (dressed in in yellow rubber suit) confronting Des at the door into the swan station, the other is of the Nigerian drug plane (the one that squashed Boone) falling from the cliff. Update: After looking at it again, I think the guy with the backback on thats encounters the dude in the yellow suit is actually Faraday, just leaves the question as to who’s in the suit?

Given that this promo has appeared almost two months earlier than the first promo we got for season 4 I hope they drip feed some more bits and pieces over the next three months.

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No Whispers about Season 5 Promo

  1. Pampo

    That certainly was a good teaser. Looks like sayid is gonna use some more of those awesome iraqi neck braking skills of his.

    Can’t wait. Why is 2009 so far away?