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A closer look at the second Season 5 Lost promo

November 23rd, 2008 / Dean

The second full length promo for season 5 was released a couple of days ago during Grey’s Anatomy, and a little alter it was also made available online. The promo is a joint venture of sorts between “The Fray” and ABC, and is being used to promote both Lost and The Fray’s new single “You found me”. While some of the scenes shown were also in the first promo, there is still a bunch of new stuff to go over. The full video is attached so you can check it out at your leisure.

First of the ‘new’ bits is Hurley sitting at a table, probably in the house that we’ve already seen in his flash forwards. There is a quick shot of Kate holding Aaron. We get a close up of Locke’s eye, which zooms out to show him flat on his back (not sure if this is new or not). We get another angle of Faraday’s confrontation with the person in the hazmat suit, this time more from the perspective of the person in the suit.

We see Sayid and Jack having a fight, and Sayid appears to have a n oxygen mask around his neck, so this could possible take place after the scene of Hurley helping Sayid out from the last promo, which itself is possibly connect to some of the other shots in this promo. After a few flashes of Desmond (who wasn’t in the first promo), we see a couple of the losties still on the island (is it Scott or Steve?), and Miles notices a bomb which appears to be attached to a trip wire (the type of traps that Rousseau used), theres and explosion and Miles dives away. Could this be the end of Scott/Steve (which ever one isn’t dead). Just before the explosion there is also the first flash of the “Ajira Airways” logo on the screen.

Charlotte and Den get captured or found by what appears to be the Others, but could it be the Hostiles… since they look a little “rougher” than the Others, and are using bows and arrows. Then again one of them definitely appears to be wearing Dharma clothing. Interesting. There’s a clean-shaven Jack who’s still hanging around with Ben. Juliet with a gun, looking scared. Faraday looking around, and Locke standing in the rain looking at/for something.

Locke finding one of the statues from the drug plane (again, not sure if this is new or old). We see Hurley looking through a window in a door, with what appears to be an unconscious Sayid in the foreground. I don’t think this is directly connected to the fight we Sayid in earlier on since Hurleys wearing different clothes and the house looks nicer. Then we se Juliet and Sawyer running away from flaming arrows as the losties appear to be under attack.

Charlotte, Faraday and Miles are also seen dodging the arrows. Who is attacking them? Probably the same people that were pointing arrows at Charlotte and Faraday earlier, but “who” they are is still the question. Others? Hostiles? Dharma? Zombies?. There a quick flash of Charlotte with a bloody nose (think this was in the last promo too). Why is this interesting? A couple of reasons, both Des’ and Minkowski’s noses bled due to their time jumping adventures, and Rebecca Mader (who plays Charlotte) is no longer listed as part of the main cast. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

Penny and Desmond appear to be together, Penny even appears to have a wedding ring on. Sawyer is physically threatening Miles (had to happen sooner or later). Then theres the second flash of the Ajira Airways logo. And then theres a quick shot of Locke falling. Where he’s falling is interesting, it looks little like the scenery around near where the drug smugglers plane was.

Desmond is shown running out of a bedroom. Interestingly this bedroom appears to be on a boat (have a look at the windows), so this might not be long after the Oceanic 6 leave on the life raft from the end of Season 4. Hurley is driving wildly, looks like he’s in a rush to get somewhere. He’s wearing the same clothes (complete with blood stain) from the scene where we see him with the gun in the first promo. Could it be that he’s rushing to get an injured Sayid somewhere?

Locke and Juliet are standing looking out at the island, they are shielding their eyes, but is it just from the sun or maybe another “discharge”-like event. The last shot is of Jack in his suit saying (presumably to Ben) “let go get them”.

This promo was released with almost exactly two months til the premiere, and the last one was released with almost 3 months to go. So we might see another one around mid-December. The question remains to see what the whole “Ajira Airways” thing is, whether its a continuation of the “Dharma Wants You” ARG or something else. I find it a little strange that some sites are saying that the ARG is over simply because they released the latest ‘piece’ a month earlier than originally planned. I personally don’t think its over, just that reacted to the general annoyance that we were going to have to wait for nearly two months for it to continue and they pushed things forward. If the Ajira thing is a continuation I hope its more interesting that “Dharma Wants You” was

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