Orientation Film 154
Season 4, Episode 14

He moved the Island

June 8th, 2008 / Dean

So Ben “moved” the island, how about that. First lets go back to episode 9 “The Shape of Thing to Come”, remember that Ben wakes up in the middle of the Sahara Desert (presumably in Tunisia) wearing that jacket with the Orchid station emblem, and the name Halliwax on it, and with a cut on his right arm. When he arrives at the hotel in Tunisia he asks what the date is… its October 21st 2005. Right, ok.

Ben told Locke that whoever moved the island couldn’t come back. He didn’t say anything about traveling over 10 months into the future at the same time. When Ben ‘moves’ the Island its around day 100-101, which would be around New Year’s Day 2005. It seems pretty straight-forward that Ben ends up in the Sahara as a direct result of moving the Island, especially since he’s still got the cut on the arm (from when he fell down the ladder), and he’s wearing the jacket with the same name on it.

So if Ben moved 10 months into the future, did the Island also move forward in time. Remember the orientation video that Locke starts to watch mentions the rabbit moving forward in time 100ms just before it starts to rewind itself, I can’t think of any mention of traveling back in time in any episodes, although Alpert visiting Locke when he’s about 5 might suggest otherwise.

If the Island has in fact moved ahead in time, thats going to make it a little difficult to find initially isn’t it. Not to mention if its actually moved its location as well. At the end of “The Shape of Things to Come”, when Ben visits Charles Widmore in London, Widmore says “you’ll never find it”, and that one day it’ll be his again, to which Ben also replies “but you’ll never find it”. Widmore finishes with “I guess the hunt is on for both of us”. So it appears that whenever this meeting took place (my guess would be late 2005 or early 2006) Ben still hadn’t relocated the island. Whether or not he has located it by the time he meets up with Jack at the Funeral parlor in the finale I suppose we’ll have to wait until next year to find out.

No Whispers about He moved the Island

  1. Neil Ang
    Neil Ang

    I bet Ben will go back to the island, Ben lies about things to John all the time. And they still have another 2 seasons to fill.