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When exactly did Oceanic start flying again?

February 4th, 2008 / Dean

After more thought, and a little more investigation I’m not 100% when the Find 815 ARG was taking place. There doesn’t appear to be any mention of a year throughout the whole story. The original “press release” from ABC that stated that Oceanic was returning to the airways on the 31st of December, but in what year.

Initially I just assumed 2007, since that was when the press release came out, but by the time the Find 815 story concluded I wasn’t so convinced. This is why. At the end of Find 815 they discover Flight 815 in deep ocean trench, just like Naomi said when she dropped onto the island near the end of season 3. But events on the show (and on the island) are taking place in 2004. So how would she know (not to mention how would Locke’s Dad know) anything about it if it was supposedly found early in 2008.

The only logical answer I can see is that Oceanic resumed flying in December 2004 not 2007. Either that or the theory that time on the island and time off the island are running at different speeds, ie Naomi is from 2007, but lands on the island in 2004. Yes, sounds far fetched but this Lost.

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