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Screenshots and Theories from the Season 5 Promo

October 30th, 2008 / Dean

I’m trying really hard to make sure I don’t read any spoilers about season 5. Last year while waiting for season 4 to begin it got the better of me and I thought I’d just read a few bits. One of those ‘bits’ was who the Oceanic Six were, although the spoilers I read said that Jin was one of the six, another ‘bit’ was that Aaron was off the island and being cared for by Kate who was treating him as her own. Both were things that I’d rather have found out by just watching.

So since all we’ve got so far is the 40 seconds or so from the second half of the season 5 promo, I’m going to start theorising. Why? Because I can. Below are a selection of the more interesting shots from the promo, click each to view them full-size. Also I’d say that most of these are from the first couple of episodes since they’ve only shot the first half a dozen or so.

First shot is the Dharma logo that flashes up a couple of time around the middle of the promo. Then there’s Locke on the ground with somebody pointing a gun at him. Locke certainly looks surprised, not sure who its is though, perhaps one of the Others, or perhaps someone else, we don’t know “when” the island is. Juliet looks like she’s discovered a hatch very similar to the Swan hatch that Locke and Boone found way back when. Since the Swan blew up, its probably not it, but another station. Or again it could be a case of “when” not “where”.

Dan is in a cave, and he’s got a Dharma safety hat on. Could he possibly be underneath the Orchid station where the “donkey wheel” is/was. Locke, it either night or he’s inside, maybe being held captive by whoever was pointing that gun at him. Alpert with a flaming torch, I hope we find out some more about Alpert and his apparent immortality. Someone with a compass, Locke had a compass at one point so it could be him, trying to find Jacob maybe. Hurley with a gun.

Looks like Hurley and Sayid pay someone a visit. Sayid kicks ass, Hurley cheers him on. My (probably way off the mark) theory is that they’ve gone to get Des. Why? Ok, since “everyone must go back to the island” I’m assuming that includes Des. Des would be able to fight back to a certain degree due to his military training, but Sayid would still get the better of him. Why would he fight? Its been a couple of years since they left the island, and there is no way on earth that Des would willingly return to the place he was trapped for years. Probably wrong, meh. Sun is in what appears to be a police interview room, the last shot of her turning around, she looks like she has seen something/someone. Could it be another ‘appearance’ of Christian Shephard or maybe Charlie?

Kate is packing a gun, no real surprises there. She tells Aaron they are going on a holiday. By plane? Expect a bumpy landing perhaps? Who’s still around on the island? From what is shown it looks like Juliet, Sawyer, Charlotte, Miles, Dan, Rose, Bernard and a few others, oh and don’t forget Locke. As for Jin, last place we saw him was on the Kahana as it exploded.

Dan approaches a door which appears to be one of the Dharma hatches. There is a logo but I can’t tell if its a specific one or not. The interesting bit it that a guy wearing one of the yellow Dharma ‘hazmat’ suits greets him with a gun. Last time we saw suits like these were in Desmond’s flashbacks, and they wore them when they ventured outdoors because they “were in quarantine”. The shot of the Nigerian drug plane falling is a bit odd, since it happened in season 1, it might just be there to throw everyone off. I’ll say it again, but the “when” issue has been mentioned several time as a ‘big’ thing, most recently by Damon Lindelof on the season 4 DVDs, so you’re guess is as good as mine. The last couple are Jack and Ben, with Ben telling Jack “thank God for second chances”…as in having the chance to do something a second time…nah surely not.

No Whispers about Screenshots and Theories from the Season 5 Promo

  1. Neil

    Wow, they really put a lot into those 40 seconds. Can’t wait for the new season to air!

  2. rob

    crazy, really they did put a lot in 40 seconds. WOW. I’m with Neil, can’t wait for the new season to air.

  3. dr.beckett

    drug plane had two wings did it not? that one has one.

  4. Lottery Ticket
    Lottery Ticket

    Just a request. Can you use the same format that you used on the above promo and screen shot/comment on the Marvin Candle/Pierre Chang Comic Con video? I can’t find any good discussion or screen caps for this. I think there are quit a few clues to Season 5 here. There is a reflection in the bookcase that I can’t make out that might give us Farrady or Miles. There are also some ‘hidden’ images flashing throughout. So if the ‘pin hole’ in time says “you will be receiving this in 30 years?” That would make this recording filmed in1979 (year Charlotte Lewis born).

    We are definitely going back to Dharma days. I know you don’t want to be spoiled, but I think this is really pretty much a known. I love spoilers. Even with a few ‘leads’ I’m still jaw dropping with each epi. Hard to wrap my head around the effects of time travel. But if Farrady knows where he is in time, then he is actively trying to change the future. Also, Ben would be on the island with the hostels. So, if Locke is in the same time period, then he would have to meet up with young Ben. Can that happen? [brain freeze]

    Re-watching Two for the Road, ?, Three Minutes and Live Together finale from season 2. Of particular interest was the climbing/dreaming scenes with Locke and Eko which apparently will be repeated again in Season 5.


  5. Dean

    I’ve been planning to write about the comic con video for a while, just kind of got caught up in the season 5 promos over the last few weeks, I’m looking at posting more about the newest promos tonight or tomorrow so after that I’ll try and get back to the Marvin Candle video.

    I agree it was pretty good video and I’m sure there is something hidden in there. Your mention of Charlotte and the time that the video was made is interesting, hadn’t thought about that. I’ll have to try and track down a better quality version of the video before I write about it, but I’m sure there is one out there somewhere.

  6. Lottery Ticket
    Lottery Ticket

    Thanks. I’ll check back for your comments. I did come across a very good quality version and translation of this video (but no screen caps), but may take a while to find it again. If I find it, I will send link. And while I think that there is a Charlotte connection to Dharma, the baby in the video that is crying in the background is referred to by P. Chang as a ‘him’. So we have two post purge babies in the mix that might have gotten off the island via Chang and Farrady pre purge. Is this why Daniel looks at Charlotte so lovingly? The other vote is for Miles to be Chang’s son. And that they (Miles and Charlotte) need to ‘go back’ to the island for whatever reason.

    The purge seems to be one of the island pivotal moments along with the ‘incident’. I may go back and try to find purge references and rewatch those scenes.