Orientation Film 452
Season 5, Episode 9


March 25th, 2009 / Dean

So we now know for sure they are back on the island, thing is that they aren’t all on the same island, in fact they aren’t even all in the same ‘when’. This should mean some more crazy time bending goodness is still to come, sounds good to me.

The runway

Pretty sure during one of the podcasts between season 4 and 5 that Damon and Carlton teased at the possibility that we might see the runway again. The question still lingers as to why it was built in the first place, we’re the other building it because they knew that sometime in the future a plane would need to return to the island?

“Thirty years ago”

As they go from Frank, Sun and the other on the beach to Sawyer and co in Dharma time “thirty years ago” flashes up on the screen, as great as this is I think it kind of spoiled the mystery when Frank and Sun turn up as the abandoned barracks towards the end of the episode. I think that this should have been the point when it was revealed that they weren’t in 1977 with the rest of the losties.

Radzinski and the swan

Seems like he is a little crazy, so probably a good chance he really did shoot himself inside the Swan. Since he’s still planning (and building models of) the Swan station it probably doesn’t exist yet, although Pierre Chang is wearing a coat with the swan logo on it when he meets Jack, why would he have that if the station hadn’t been built? I wonder which of the other stations that we’ve seen previously already exist in 1977 (apart from the Arrow).

The baby is Ethan…

Arrgghh… kill it now before it can start hurting the losties. Or not, since the island probably would let that happen (what happened, happened). So in answer to the question from last weeks post, yes, the baby is someone we’ve met before, and yes they are relatively important.

Sayid is on the island too

Like Jack, Kate and Hurley, Sayid was magic-time-flashed out of the Ajira 316 before it crashed, he however landed somewhere in the jungle away from the rest of them. Poor bugger stumbles out of the tree in handcuffs only to be confronted by Dharma Jin and Radzinski, captured and accused of being a hostile. Thankfully he was smart enough to play along with the hints that Sawyer was giving him and Radzinski didn’t get his opportunity to kill him. He’s now being held prisoner by Dharma until Sawyer can work out how to save him.

“Faraday is here?”, “not anymore…”

Ok, so they just dropped that in there and then moved on, that’s not fair. So if he’s not there anymore, where/when is he? We saw at the very beginning of the season that he was in under the orchid station during its construction, but we don’t know exactly when that was. Wonder if its got anything to do with the fact that Faraday was missing one leg in the group promotional photo from earlier this year. So there are a few questions, where/when is he, how did he leave, why did he leave, is he alive or dead. Maybe he left the island with Charlotte and her Mother to make sure Charlotte never returns.

Kate and Juliet

Some serious tension between these two, what with Sawyer and Juliet shacking up, Kate and Jack being previously engaged, Juliet and Jack relationship before he left the island, Kate and Sawyers relationship before she left the island. Such drama… who really care? We just want smoke monsters, time travel, random statues and general weirdness. Thanks.

Dharmaville in disrepair

When Frank and Sun arrive back on the main island and then make their way to the barracks/dharmaville we find that its very run down. If Frank and Sun are in 2007 (that is presuming they didn’t go forward at the same time the Jack and co went backwards) then in theory its been abandoned for about three years. Assuming that nothing can happen in 1977 etc that would lead to it being abandoned for longer. One thing that makes me wonder is the Dharma induction photos that Christian shows them, why would the Others have kept those on the wall after they wiped out Dharma and moved into the barracks?…

Christian Shephard is everywhere

Is he Jacob, or isn’t he? Is he like Alpert, we’ve seen him in the present (both when the ‘present’ was 2004 and 2007) and way, way in the past when Locke turned the donkey wheel. Is Christian really just old Jack… no that would be way too weird, right?

Jin in 1977, Sun… is not

Christian shows Sun a photo of the 1977 Dharma recruits, in the photo is Jin, along with Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sawyer, Juliet and Miles.

“Bit of a journey”

Christian then tells Sun that she has a “bit of a journey” ahead. So how is she going to go back in time, a trip to the donkey wheel in the hope that it just spits her out where she needs to be, r does he have some other special magic trick up his sleeve? Also (and I didn’t notice this the first time around, but it was mentioned on a few other blogs) just after Christian shows Sun the photo you can see a woman in the background in the shadows, could this be Claire? One suggestion on the other site was that it was a crew member or something, but Lost being Lost I thin it was probably an intentional “Easter egg” for those who pay close attention to everything.

Sandwich delivered by Ben

Kind of freaked Sayid out little I think (as if finding out you were in 1977 wouldn’t have already). This could mean that if Ben somehow manages to hitch a ride with Sun if/when she goes back to 1977 then the chance of old Ben (no, not that old Ben) running in young Ben would be pretty high, and who knows what might happen if that occurs. End of the world, universe collapsing on itself, line-dancing dolphins? Almost anythings possible I guess.

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