Orientation Film 456
Season 5, Episode 10

He’s Our You

April 1st, 2009 / Dean

It looks like we’re going back to character-centric stories, and hopefully finding out why each of the Oceanic 6 (apart form those reasons we already know) was on Ajira 316.

Sayid’s “mission” is completed

In Russia Sayid assassinates another supposed threat to the Oceanic 6 at Ben’s direction, and when he reports back Ben tell him that they’re finished, that they’ve eliminated all of Widmore’s people that posed a threat to his friends. He tells Sayid to o and live his life. I don’t know about this, Sayid has seemed fairly agro of late with regards to Ben, I think there has to be more to it than them just ‘parting ways’. If his hatred didn’t come from how their working relationship ended, it was probably more to do with the work which begs the question why did he continue to do it (apart from the fact that Sayid is a natural born killer).

Who’s their him?

When Sayid refuses to talk, Horrace takes him to see Oldham, who lives in a tent somewhere away from the barracks. I wonder if the reason he’s out there has something to do with the reason that Sawyer refers to him as a ‘psychopath’. When Sayid asks Sawyer who this guy is, Sawyer tell him “he’s our you” ie. the village torturer.

“I am from the future”

Oldham drugs Sayid which they hope will make him talk. When Sayid starts talking, he spills everything, how he’d been to the island before, arrive vis Oceanic 815, lived there 100 days, got off the island, then returned via Ajira 316. He tells them to “ask Sawyer” nodding toward him, luckily Radzinsky interrupts before they notice. Horrace askes him what he knows about the stations, and Sayid tells that that the Flame is for communications, the Pearl is for watching other stations and the Swan is centered around electromagnetism. Radzinsky believes the only way he could know this is if he were a spy, because they haven’t even built the Swan yet. Sayid then tells them that they are all going to die, and when they ask how he knows this he says its because he’s from the future. Needless to say that at this point the seem to believe that Oldham has simply given Sayid too much of whatever crazy drug he was using and what he’s been telling them is just nonsense. Sayid begins to laugh telling them that they gave him just the right amount.

We now know why Sayid was on the plane

After leaving Ben, Sun and Jack at the docks he headed out for a drink, where he ‘picked up’ Ilana. Once they got back to his (or her hotel, not clear exactly) she attacks Sayid and tells her that shes working for the family of Peter Avellino (who we saw Sayid kill early in Season 4) and that she would be taking him to Guam to pay for he’s done. When they arrive at the airport Sayid notices that they are going to be on the same flight as the rest of the Oceanic 6 and unsuccessfully suggests that they take a different flight. So was Ilana really working for Avellino’s family or was she sent by Ben to make sure that Sayid ended up on that flight, given that Ilana is not on the Hydra Island with Ben, Locke and co we might find, or we might not.

Flaming combis

Ben uses the flaming combi to create a diversion so that he can help Sayid escape. He asks Sayid if he’ll take him with him back to ‘his people’. They get clear of the barracks when Jin drive past in another combi and stops to discover Sayid. Sayid tells him that Sawyer let him go, but no-one else knows. Why did Sayid say that Sawyer let him go? I’m thinking it could be so that they don’t know that he was with Ben, so that when they find Ben he may not be the initial suspect, although who else would be the suspect?

‘I am a killer’

As Jin radios Sawyer Sayid knocks him out and bend down to pick up his gun. He says “you were right, I am a killer”, pauses and then turns and shoots Ben in the chest, then just runs off into the dark…

Whoa, hold on a moment! Didn’t Faraday say that the future couldn’t be changed? Meaning that, in theory, Ben can’t die in 1977 if he didn’t die in 1977 before. So does this mean Ben is wounded but not dead, after all Sayid does only shoot him once and doesn’t check. Suppose Ben is wounded, he gets found by the hostiles (this is how he joins up with them), perhaps he exhibits a rapid recovery from the wound that should have killed him and this convinces the hostiles that he’s special (like Locke is ‘special’) and this is how he ends up becoming their leader. This then leads to him already knowing what Sayid is capable of when he encounters him in 2004 having witnessed his cold-bloodedness first hand, and the same reason why he enlists his ‘services’ to wipe out a bunch of Widmore’s men. It’s the whole “whatever happened, happened” thing, and its so confusing I’m not even sure what I’ve written makes sense. Where is Faraday when you need him to explain these things…

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