Orientation Film 447
Season 5, Episode 8


March 18th, 2009 / Dean

So LOST took a week off and so did I, but its back this week and I can’t wait. I’m ready for some more Dharma action, but until then here’s what I noticed while rewatching LaFleur.

The Statue returns…briefly.

Its taken a while but we’ve finally got a second look at the statue, this time though it was a whole statue not just a solitary foot. So what is it a statue of? I’ve seen a couple of theories around the place that it could be Anubis or something similar, and then there are the theories that its a statue of Sawyer…yeah, maybe not. But when is the statue? It was still in its complete state some time (way) before the well was constructed, but since they didn’t stay in that time for very long we’ll just have to wait and see. I just hope that the brief glimpse isn’t the writers was of resolving the statue questions.

Locke’s turning of the wheel stopped the time jumps

As I think most people were expecting the time jumps did indeed stop when Locke turned the donkey wheel. After the time jump that happens when he’s half way down the well it would appear they’ve gone a fair way back in time (because the (whole) statue is there and the well hasn’t even been built yet, this means that when Locke eventually turned the wheel and ended up in 2007 he traveled a long way forward as well – 30 odd years further than the Sawyer, Juliet and co.

“3 years later” is actually 1974

I loved this, “3 years later” and we end up about 30 years prior to where we probably expected to be, deep in Dharma territory. How long they are there for remains to be seen, but given the time jumps have stopped it looks like (as Dan said) they are stuck there. “The record has stopped skipping but we’re not on the track we want to be on”.

Who is LaFleur?

It’s con-man extraordinaire James ‘Sawyer’ Ford that’s who. Somehow he’s ended up as head of security just three years after wandering into Dharmaville, will be interesting to see how that came about since at the moment Horrace has given them two week before he’s going to send them on their way.

If there is a truce why did the hostiles kill Paul and threaten Amy

Seems odd to me, especially when they are all so scared of the truce and the fear of it being broken. Only thing I can come up with is that the truce involves not going outside the sonic fence, and by going outside the fence Paul and Amy became ‘fair game’ in the hostile’s eyes.

Jin now speaks English

No big surprise here as he was already starting to pick it up pretty quick before all the time flash madness started, so after three years living on the island you would hope that his English has improved.

Jin and the others have been searching the island

I assume their searching for Locke and whoever he may have convinced to bring back. My main question is, does Horrace and the rest of Dharma know that they are still looking three years after arriving in Dharamville?

Whatever was causing pregnant women to die must not have happened yet

Amy gives birth and survives, so whatever happened hasn’t happened… yet. I wonder if the ‘incident’ has anything to do with it, and if that’s the case we should know by the end of the season.

Who is the baby, its a boy, is it important?

May or may not be important, who could it be, hopefully they name it soon. Are they still alive (did they survive the purge)? Have we met them before? Hmmm.

Sawyers con story was awesome

Con-man in action he managed to piece all sorts of good bit and pieces together into a story that Horrace actually believed. When he mentions that they were looking for the Black Rock, Horrace says it doesn’t ring a bell. Is he lying or have the Dharma Initiative not discovered it on the island yet?

Young Charlotte

We get a brief glimpse of Charlotte, who’s with her mother, but we don’t see who her mother is. Earlier after the final time jump, Dan was muttering to himself that he wouldn’t tell Charlotte this time that she has to leave the island. Will he be successful? Who knows, but the keeps saying “if it happened it happened”…

Alpert back again, still the same age

Sawyer explains to him that he knows about the jughead bomb and that 20 years ago a bald man walked into their camp and told them he was their leader, then just disappeared. Alpert seems satisfied with Sawyers story (which was actually true and not a con, for a change).

Paul may have been head of security

When we see his dead body near the end of the episode I think his Dharma jumpsuit has “Head of Security” on it. Its definitely got the Dharma Security star badge on it. If he was the head of security that could explain how Sawyer/LaFleur ends up in the position.

Sawyer and Juliet are together

Not overly surprising, but its sure going to be interesting once Kate and Jack are added back into the love-quadrangle.

Those who left are reunited with those who were left behind.

Early morning Sawyer gets a call from Jin, he rushes out and doesn’t tell Juliet where/why he’s going. Somewhere out on the island Sawyer meets up with Jin who has brought Jack, Hurley and Kate with him in the Dharma combi-van. How confused are they going to be.

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