Orientation Film 442
Season 5, Episode 7

The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

March 4th, 2009 / Dean

Another good episode, initially I was a little disappointed that Locke off-island time was going to be squeezed into one episode, but I think it worked. He wasn’t off the island for very long, only a month or two, and all he really did was visit those who’d left to try and convince them to return, more important is that they’re all back now (except Desmond, who I really hope we see again soon), and the mystery of the island can pick up where it left off.

So, the plane did crash.

When we found out that Jack, Hurley and Kate were back on the island it raised the question about what happened to the plane. Well, it looks like Lapidus crash landed on Hydra Island. Now, where are Sun and Sayid are the on the main island with Jack, Hurley and Kate or on the Hydra with Lock, Ben and the rest of Ajira 316?

Locke is alive again

And it looks like he really is alive, not just magical-reanimated-by-smokey-alive. I’m quite glad Locke is no longer dead (Ben probably won’t be), and since he appears to be really alive after crashing onto the island does that mean that Christian Shephard might also be really alive too and not just a creation of the island as we all thought?

Locke ‘landed’ in Tunisia but three years into the future – more or less.

I was kind of hoping that he would ‘appear’ somewhere else just to mix things up even more, but it makes sense that the island would have one main exit point (Tunisia). We find out that he’s traveled three years into the future, but, remember that as Locke was going down the well towards the donkey wheel that there was a time flash and the well actually vanished. I took this to mean that he’d traveled further back in time (they were pre-Orchid station before the flash), but think about it now it possible that they’d moved forward in time. It would be possible for a well that existed in the 1970s/80s to no longer exist in the 2000s, right?

How long had Widmore been monitoring the exit point?

We can assume that he didn’t start monitoring it until after October 2005 (when Ben appeared in Tunisia) otherwise he would have already known Ben was off the island. I wonder why he started monitoring it to begin with? And remember the polar bear that Charlotte found in Tunisia, it may have come through the ‘exit’ as well, but I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have turned the donkey wheel to do so.

Widmore remembers meeting Locke when he was 17.

To me this, like many other things, goes quite strongly against Dan’s claims that you can’t change the future. Widmore says how surprised he was to find that Locke hasn’t aged at all since he met him 50-odd years ago, but really, how surprised is he? After all he knows Alpert and I’m sure he would have noticed that he doesn’t appear to age at all.

Why did Ben exile Widmore?

Widmore says that Ben tricked him into leaving the island, pretty dumb on Widmore’s part if he was in fact the leader of the ‘others’ at the time. I wonder if Widmore left the island before or after Ben committed Dharma-cide…

There’s a war coming…

I like the sound of that, but I’m not sure what it means. Could it be a war between Ben and Widmore for control of the island? Could it involve a third party we are yet to meet (kind of hope not)? What do you think?

Why “Jeremy Bentham”?

Apparently because Widmore has a sense of humour. The real Jeremy Bentham was a philosopher, as was the real John Locke

Is Widmore good or bad?

And I guess the same question can be applied to Ben. Both claim to have been helping Locke to convince everyone else to return to the island. Both were probably only helping because they wanted to get back themselves. One main difference was that Ben clearly doesn’t like that Locke is seemingly ‘special’, but Widmore kept reminding Locke that he was ‘special’ and that it was his time to lead. They are both up to something, but who is good and who is bad? Guess it depends on which side of the fence you live on.

Was Walt on Locke’s list of people to bring back to the island

Abbaddon says to Locke afterwards that he is 0 for 2, so perhaps he was. Also the way that Locke paused when Walt asked why he was there, pointed towards the fact that Locke had come to recruit him, but changed his mind.

Walt had been having dreams about Locke on the island, wearing a suit with people all around wanting to hurt him.

Well, we know why he was wearing the suit, and why he was on the island, but why would everyone want to hurt him? And maybe more importantly who are the people Walt is referring to, are they those that were left on the island, the remainder of Ajira 316 or perhaps a group from long, long ago…

Locke’s powers of deduction

Remember Christian told Locke to say hi to his son for him. Well with a sheer streak of complete common sense he worked it out all by himself, Jack is Christian’s son. This one piece of information might have been what made Jack first consider that they really did need to return.

Was Locke going to kill himself because he failed, or because he actually hoped it would convince them?

I actually think it was because he’d failed in convincing any of them to go back with him. And even though he didn’t end up killing himself because Ben so kindly obliged, it did (in a roundabout way) work in getting everyone back to the island.

Why did Ben flip out and kill Locke after he mentioned Eloise Hawking.

Was it that he didn’t want Locke to return to the island because he knew he’d assume the leadership? Was this the one piece of information that Ben needed, but didn’t have, to get back to the island? Is Ben just psycho and had every intention to kill him from the moment he walked in?

The pilot left with another woman in one of the boats, who?

Of the women we saw on the plane, Kate is on the main island (as far as we know), the Woman that was with Sayid is on Hydra, and excluding other passengers that we haven’t really seen that would only leave Sun. This would make sense, if Sun wound up on the Hydra island and she knew that Jin was possibly on the main island she’d take the first boat she could find to get there.

Caesar saw Hurley vanish

So it sounds like they zapped out of the plane before it crashed (would explain why none of them remembered it crashing), wonder how Locke will explain that to him?

How is Ben going to react when he sees that Locke is back from the dead?

He’ll either be very surprised, or more likely not surprised at all because he knew it would happen. Either way I’m pretty sure Locke isn’t going to be buddy buddy with him anymore.

No Whispers about The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

  1. Doug

    Another question: Why were Jack, Kate, and Hurley flashed off the plane, but Ben and Locke left to enjoy the crash? My guesses:

    Ben – because the island didn’t want him back in the first place
    Locke – because he was dead? because he has important work to do at the Hydra?

    Also, I like your logic about the woman who left with Lapidus being Sun, but it doesn’t make much sense to me that she (or Sayid) would not be grabbed by the flash.

    Finally, I think the plane crash survivors and the flashees ended up in different time periods as well as different places.

  2. Jesse  J. Anderson
    Jesse J. Anderson

    Actually, I think the polar bear DID turn the donkey wheel – they probably put the bear in there to test it since they had no idea what would happen if they turned the wheel.

  3. Jesse  J. Anderson
    Jesse J. Anderson

    Not only was Jeremy Bentham a real philospher, like John Locke… Jeremy Bentham was a philosopher whose big claims were challenging the theory’s of John Locke.

    In other words Jeremy Bentham is the anti-John Locke. Which makes it an even more interesting name choice from Whidmore.

    And as for Jack, I think he definitely was set off on his new insanity after talking with Locke/Bentham. Ben said he bought a plane ticket that night, and as we know from the season 3 finale, Jack has reached the limit on crazy right up to the point he finds out about Locke’s death. Meaning he went from never wanting to go to the island to “we have to go back Kate!” in a matter of days.

  4. Gustavo

    About Doug’s question: Why were Jack, Kate, and Hurley flashed off the plane, but Ben and Locke left to enjoy the crash?

    I think that both, Lock and Ben, end up in the crash because they left the island using the wheel. If that is true, I start to think: why Lapidus wasn’t flashed off the plane since he left the island in the same situation as Jack, Sun, Kate, Hurley, Sayid and Aaron? The people sent by Wildmore are in the flashback thing, so Lapidus should be in the same situation as the Oceanic 6.