Orientation Film 66
Season 3, Episode 23

Through the looking glass

February 8th, 2008 / Dean

…and before the beginning of the end.

So last week on the night before the premiere I figured it was worth jumping ahead in my “re-watching” to the season 3 finale. I’m going to summarise it all in a single post, some of the more interesting points might get their own post later on. I will also being doing similar summary posts for each episode in season 4, as opposed to the individual tidbits for the older episodes. Enough talk. In no particular order.

When Walt appears, looking down at Locke, he tells Locke he must get up “because you have work to do”, this is an interesting tie-in with the finale mobisode (review coming) in which Christian Shephard says “he has work to do” in reference to Jack.

In a similar vein to the four-toed statue from season 2, there is a single fleeting mention of “the Temple”, which is supposedly where Richard must take the rest of the other. What is the temple? Where is it, is it another as-yet-unseen Dharma station? Could it be linked to the that mystical statue…

Naomi’s satellite phone seems way to advanced and modern for the time, remember its still 2004 on the island. I’m using this as one of the reasons why I think there is some sort of time anomaly between the island and “when” ever the freighter came from. Or maybe its because the “people” behind the freighter are wealthy and would have access to such technology.

The is mention of Jack being “twice the hero”. Initally I guess we are supposed to think this is referring to the two people he rescued from the car crash, but I think its pretty obvious that he’s referring to him being one of the survivors. Later Jack says “do you have any idea what I’ve been through”, presumably also a reference to his time on the island.

When Jack is in the pharmacy he tries to get a prescription filled that was made out by his Father, Christian. When they go to ring Christian, Jack says he’s “out of town”. For the moment we’re all assuming that Christian is actually dead, but if thats the case the prescription Jack is trying to use is either more then 3 years old, or he’s forged it (doubt that one…), or Christian is infact alive. Later Jack says “get my Father down here, and if he’s drunker than I am…”, this could very well just be Jack going bonkers due to medication, or lack of, but what if his Father really is upstairs…after all he wasn’t in the coffin when Jack found it, was he.

When Jack was making calls in the flash forward, I was looking at the mobile phone thinking, “thats a relatively new phone”, I just dismissed it in my mind thanking it was a prop error. But as it turns out it one of the hidden clues that we were watching the future not the past. The other clue, one for the “freeze-framers”, was the name of the funeral parlor that Jack visits, Hoffs Drawler, or if your re-arrange it, Flash Forward.

Who is it in the coffin, see my earlier post for my full thoughts. But what we do know is that they are neither friend or family to Jack, that noone else turned up, and that Kate definitely didn’t care much for whoever it was.

After Charlie disables the jamming equipment and is talking to Penny, she asks him “how did you get this frequency”. I wonder if thats because the only other people who had that frequency were the mysterious men in the arctic that were waiting for the magnetic anomaly to occur at the end of season 2.

According to Penny she knows nothing about the freighter that has arrived to “rescue” the losties, so where did Naomi get the picture of Desmond and Penny from? Maybe the freighters are looking for Desmond? Maybe it is Penny’s boat and she just doesn’t know it yet…. I’ll let you think about that one…

Jack tells Kate that he’s been flying a lot, to Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney etc just hoping that plane would crash. See my previous posts about Jack flying before oceanic is flying and when exactly did Oceanic start flying again for more details. Again I get the feeling of some strange time shifting.

Lastly, Jack wants to go back, but why does he want to go back? What is it that he needs to go back so badly for?

Oh… and who was Kate referring to when she said “he’s going to be wondering where I am”. Sadly, I think I know, but I’m not going to spoil it for the rest you we will find out for sure eventually.

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