Orientation Film 65
Season 3, Episode 23

Every single living person

February 5th, 2008 / Dean

So when Ben tells Jack that “every single living person on this island will be killed”, why do I get the feeling that “living” is the key word.

No Whispers about Every single living person

  1. Adrian

    This is sort of bringing it back to the “is the island purgatory issue” in a way. I’ll be very interested to see what revelations the new season brings.

  2. Dean

    True, though the producers debunked that quite a while ago. Maybe its not purgatory, maybe some of the characters are actually dead, but are being reanimated by smokey/Jacob in a similar way to Eko’s Brother Yemi was, as well as Jack’s Dad…presuming that he is actually dead. Maybe thats stretching the weirdness a little.

  3. Adrian

    I don’t think the weirdness has a stretch limit when talking about Lost. If you said to someone during season 1 that the monster was a black cloud they’d have thought you were mad.

  4. Dean

    Fair call.