Orientation Film 67
Season 4, Episode 1

The Beginning of the End

February 9th, 2008 / Dean

So Lost has finally returned, and now that the first episode has aired here in Australia I can fairly safely share my thoughts without spoiling things. This will be the case each week, so effectively I’ll be a week behind with my theorisations.

I don’t know about everyone else but I almost instantly picked up that it was Jack who was watching the TV at the beginning. Not sure why, maybe it was that he was having some sort of alcoholic drink early in the morning, or maybe because up to this point all season premieres had revolved around Jack.

Nearing the end of Hurley’s car chase he goes crashing through a large number of mirrors, this is either a continuation of the bad luck he was experiencing before the crash, or he’s just guaranteed himself many more years of bad luck to come.

After being arrested Hurley pleads, “don’t you know who I am, I’m one of the Oceanic Six!”. So we now know that Jack, Kate and Hurley manage to get off the island, and its fair to assume that they are 3 of the 6, but who are the other 3? If things I’ve read are correct then no one I’ve talked to has been correct yet. Does this also mean that only six people are going to get off the island?

The cop that is interviewing Hurley just happens to be one of Ana-Lucia’s ex-partners. When he asks Hurley if he had met Ana-Lucia on the plane, Hurley says that he didn’t. There are a couple of interesting points here, Hurley is asked if he met her on the plane, not if he met her after the crash/on the island. Why did Hurley lie? (well technically, he wasn’t since he didn’t meet her until after the crash anyway) And why did the cop not mention the crash or the island?

When Hurley has one of his “moments” and sees Charlie swim towards the glass, Charlie presses his hand against the glass and written on his hand is “they need you”. Who are “they”? My guess is its referring to whoever they left behind on the island, but there are any number of possibilities I guess. And why did Hurley have this vision, seems strange that he is having a vision of an event that happened but that he didn’t witness.

Back on the island, why is Ben so certain that everyone on the island is going to be killed? What does he know that has led him to believe this?

After Naomi disappears (seems to be a re-occurring theme, after Patchy did the same thing last season) Rousseau finds a blood trail, and so does Kate. I found it a little strange that Jack chose to go with the trail that Rousseau found and not Kate’s. I wonder why. As it turned out, he should have trusted Kate. So what was the trail that Rousseau found? Surely Naomi wasn’t in a good enough state to leave a fake trail.

When Jack can’t find the phone, Ben tells him that Kate took it when they hugged. When they hug, you can tell just by watching Ben’s facial expression that Kate has taken the phone. I didn’t pick this up until I watched for the second time. Ben also tells Jack that he followed the wrong trail, and that Kate was right. Presumably he know this because he saw which way Naomi went, but does he also know what the trail was that Rousseau led them to follow?

Now back at the Santa Rosa nut house, Hurley is playing connect four when he gets a visit from a man, Matthew Abaddon, claiming to be an attorney for Oceanic Air. When Hurley questions that, not surprisingly, he doesn’t have any ID on him. So who was he? Maybe he’s connected to Dharma, maybe Widmore Industries, maybe the the freighters, or maybe he actually is a representative of Oceanic.

He offers Hurley an ‘upgrade’, I wonder what that would involve, I have a feeling that it wasn’t in order to make Hurley more comfortable, but so that he could be more closely monitored. It seems that Abaddon’s intentions aren’t all good when he asks Hurley “are they still alive?” and Hurley flips his lid. Is this the same “they” that Charlie’s message was referring to? Have the Oceanic Six told the rest of the world that they are in fact the only survivors? Is this the guilt that is making Jack crazy in the season 3 finale?

After Naomi jumps down from the trees onto Kate she is in contact with the freighter to recalibrate some of the settings on the phone, and she says “tell my sister I love her”, who is her sister? I wonder…

Hurley falls behind the others and stumbles across Jacob’s cabin, when he looks inside Christian Shephard can be seen sitting in Jacob’s rocking chair. What is the significance of this? It’s worth mentioning that this is the first time that someone other than Jack (except for Vincent) has seen Christian. Then suddenly an eye appears at the window glaring straight back at Hurley. Who was it? Jacob? Since Locke appears very soon after the cabin seems to vanish into thin air, I think it was actually Locke…if it was Locke in the cabin, could he also see Christian? And how/why did the cabin move places, was this all in Hurley’s mind?

Back at Santa Rosa again, and Hurley is seen painting a picture of an igloo with one person. Is this connected in someway back to the two guys in the arctic from the very end of season 2.

When the other patient tells Hurley that there is someone watching him, he turns to see Charlie. Question is if Charlie is dead, how did the other guy see him too? Or was the other guy also part of Hurley’s imagination? Charlie says to Hurley “I am dead, but I am also here”, what the hell does that mean? Is he “here” as in physically right here, right now, or “here” as in Hurley’s mentally unstable imagination? Again it would appear that Charlie is there to deliver some sort of message, telling Hurley that “they need you, you know they need you”.

Remember when Jack said that he was going to kill Locke the next time he saw him, I bet very few would have picked that he would point the gun at him and pull the trigger without hesitation.

When Kate returns she tells them that Naomi had just died and that she didn’t tell her people what had happened. But honestly with the number of dead people that seem to keep coming back to life, I’m not convinced that she will stay dead, after all she was dead at the start of the episode too. And why did Naomi cover up the fact that she was killed by Locke? Is it because she still want the rest of her people to come to the island? Or if you believe Ben, is it because it won’t make any difference, since they intend to kill them all anyway?

How did Jack know where to find Hurley? He just seems to turn up. I guess that since he’s one of the “Oceanic Six” he might have been able to find out easier but it seemed a little strange that he just appeared there. Jack mentions that he’s thinking about growing a beard, which clearly places this flash forward before the flash forward from the end of season 3.

Hurley questions why Jack is there to see him, asking if he just wanted to know “if I was going to tell”, to which Jack responds “are you?”. Tell what? What is it that they are hiding? They are obviously hiding something, because Hurley lied about Ana-Lucia, Abaddon asked if “they” were still alive and now Jack is making sure Hurley won’t “tell”. Interesting.

Hurley tells Jack that he’s sorry he went with Locke. So how long after the “rescue” does this take place? Surely Jack and Hurley would have seen each other before now, and would have cleared this up already. As Jack is leaving Hurley says “I don’t think we did the right thing”, “I think it wants us to go back, and it’s going to do everything it can”. Who/what is “it”, the Island? Jacob? Locke? Ben? I’m guessing he’s referring to the island, and that the island is what was causing him to see Charlie, and they weren’t just visions of a crazy man.

Jack responds “we’re never going back”, to which Hurley replies “never say never”. Is this what sets Jack down the path that we see in the season 3 finale.

No Whispers about The Beginning of the End

  1. Neil

    When Naomi is first stabbed by John, why does Jack (being a doctor) assume she’s dead and not try and help her? Is Jack just becoming a sloppy doctor? Or did she die and then the island bought her back to complete a task?

  2. Dean

    Good point, maybe he was just a little caught up in the whole “we’re getting rescued” thing.

  3. Adrian

    I like that. The idea that the island has the power to reanimate people that it deems useful is very cool.

    I’m gonna say that the guy Hurley sees in the cabin along with Jack’s Dad is Jacob and not Locke. I’m not saying that Locke wasn’t in the cabin as well but i’m confident it was Jacob.

    Yeah, i figured it was Jack at the beginning after the vodka and orange breakfast.

    I’m not confident that Kate is one of the Oceanic six actually. Seeing as how she was on the run before she went to the island i believe that she could still be on the run but Jack knows where she is. Either that or they said she was dead and smuggled her back into the states somehow.

    Time will tell.

  4. Dean

    What if Jacob is Locke. This could potentially explain why Locke is so “special”. If Jacob is Locke but, lets say, from another time, then it could make sense that Locke wouldn’t be able to see Jacob due to the whole see yourself and break the universe sort of thing, and this wouldn’t affect Ben seeing Jacob…

  5. Adrian

    Hmm. The time traveller in me likes that.