Orientation Film 72
Season 4, Episode 4


March 6th, 2008 / Dean

The episode begins with Locke cooking up some food which he takes down to Ben, who is now in the basement of the house Locke is living in. I guess this is/was probably Ben’s house, although I don’t know if its been mentioned or not. Locke tells Ben that they are the last two eggs, not sure why, is he trying to trick Ben. Ben has a go at Locke in an attempt to psych him out, it works and he definitely hits a nerve with Locke, who storms out taking the eggs with him.

Before we head off on the first flashforward, Sawyer is talking with Kate and asks her why she stayed, little elaboration is given. Now in the flashforward, Kate arrives to a rather large media frenzy, where is she arriving…a court house. In court one of the Lawyers rattles off the list of felonies for which she is being tried. I don’t think there was anything too surprising in there, I’d say we’ve probably seen just about all her crimes. Fraud, arson, armed robbery, theft, murder…you know the usual. Kate enters her plea of not guilty (even though she couldn’t be any more guilty if she tried), and when the prosecution try to have her remanded in custody because she’s a flight risk, Kate’s lawyer protests stating that she has on of the most recognisable faces in the world and is not a risk.

Back on the beach Jin is looking at a map of the US, and suggesting cities where he and Sun could move to when/if they get off the island. Sun doesn’t seem so enthusiastic about the prospect of living in the Us, and tells Jin that she want to raise her baby at home in Korea. Also of note, Jin seems to be picking up English rather quickly, and mentions that he’s doing is for Sun.

Kate pays Locke a visit, when he answers the door he’s wiping his hand clean of blood. He tells Kate that he’s just killed a chicken. Perhaps this was the last chicken, hence the “last two eggs” he gave Ben (thanks to Neil for pointing that out). Or maybe there are plenty of chickens left and he was lying to Ben. Kate wants to know where Miles is, but Locke won’t tell her. As Kate is leaving she spots Hurley, and without much fuss tricks him into revealing where Miles is being held.

Miles is being held in the boat shed, which is interesting in itself. Why? Because from the long shot of the barracks we see at the start of season 3 we know that they aren’t exactly close to water, so why/where is there a boat shed? Surely they didn’t take him on a trek for a couple of hours to the coast and put him in shed there, Locke would want to have him closer than that.

Anyway, when Kate arrives she begins to question Miles (this is the reason why she stayed behind). She asks “do you know who I am?” and “do you know what I did?”, presumably trying to find out if she’s still wanted back in the “real world”. Miles says that he will tell her everything he knows if she can get him one minute of someone’s time, that someone (of course) being Ben.

Off the island again, and Kate is talking with her lawyer., he is trying to convince that they should take a 15 year deal, as its probably the best they can hope for. He emphasises to her that they need to make it about her character and not what she did, and says that he wants to bring “him” into the court room. Kate tells him that “you’re not involving my child”.

Jack is still trying to get in contact with the freighter, but can’t get through. He’s worried because they still haven’t heard from Sayid. Afterall the chopper shouldn’t have taken more than an hour to get to the boat. Right?

At the barracks Kate and Claire a doing some washing, and Claire asks Kate if she will pick up Aaron to comfort him. Kate is very reluctant, saying she doesn’t think she should.

In court again, and proceedings are about to resume when Kate’s lawyer whispers in her ear “don’t kill me”, before he calls Jack to the witness stand. Jack certainly has an interesting story to tell. Just some of the points he brings up include, that they crashed on an island in the south Pacific, that the Marshall died in the crash and that he never spoke to him, that only 8 survived the crash and that they all landed in the water, and that Kate was a hero she helped everyone, performing first aid and bringing them water etc etc. Kate gets visibly uncomfortable and asks Jack to stop talking.

The prosecution then get their turn with Jack and their only question is as to whether or not Jack is in love with Kate. Jack’s response? No, not anymore. Why, what has happened since leaving the island (or on the island before they left perhaps) to make him say that, presuming of course that its not just a ‘story’ like the rest of what he just said.

Kate pays Sawyer a visit, asking him to help her bust Ben out. When Saywer arrives to challenge Locke to a game of backgammon, it appear that he might be helping Kate. Instead he tells Locke about Kate’s proposal, which prompts Locke to head off to have a chat with Miles at the boat house. Only problem is that when he gets there Miles is gone.

Miles is actually with Kate, so I guess Sawyer did help after-all. They have arrived at Locke’s house in order to find Ben. They break in and Kate takes Miles down to see Ben. Not sure how she knew exactly where to find Ben though. As requested she give Miles one minute with Ben. Ben knows who Miles is working for and why they are looking for him. Miles basically try to blackmail Ben, telling him that he’s willing to tell his employers that Ben is already dead…all so long as Ben gives him $3.2 million. He also tells Ben that “I know who you are, what you can do”. Ben agrees to try and get him the money.

It’ll be interesting as to how/where Ben is going to get that amount of money in such a short time. As promised, Miles reveals to Kate that he (as well as the rest of the freighter people) know who she is and what she did. He tells her that she should probably stay on the island. Its about now that Locke returns and discovers them.

A little later on Locke visits Kate, he doens’t want to know why she did it, all he wants to know is what they said to each other. Locke then tells Kate that shes not welcome there anymore and to be gone by morning.

Flashing forward again and Kate is visited by her Mother. She tells Kate that she doesn’t want to testify anymore, and that she just wants to see her grandson. Kate flat out refuses.

Back on the island we seen Charlotte and Dan. Dan is trying to remember which three cards are in front of him. When he gets 2 out of 3 correct Charlotte remarks that it is progress. What? Did he see the cards before they were turned over, and he is having trouble with his short term emory. Did he not see the cards at all and is using some sort of psychic ability to identify the cards. I guess we will (maybe) find out eventually what its all about.

Sine they still haven’t heard from Sayid, or anyone else on the freighter, Jack confronts Charlotte and says there must be another way of contacting the boat. She tells him that there is another line, but they are only meant to use it for emergencies. When the call, Regina answers, and when they ask about the chopper, she says she thought it was there with them. In other words it hasn’t arrived yet…why?

Locke pays Miles a visit, and asks him to open his mouth. Locke pulls a grenade out of his pocket, pulls the pin and wedges it in between Miles’ teeth. Tells him that if there’s going to be rules there needs to be punishment for breaking them, and that the grenade should help him keep his mouth shut in future.

After spending the night at Sawyer’s, Kate tells him that she’s not pregnant, and that she is sure. To say Sawyer is relieved would be an understatement, he’s very relieved, and maybe he shows that a little too much. Kate doesn’t seem too impress and leaves pretty much straight away.

Back at the court house, and the prosecution says that there witness, Kate’s mother, can’t appear due to medical reasons, the hearing is adjourned. Kate and her lawyer meets with the prosecution to discuss a deal. Her lawyer mentioned how Kate saved 5 other people and almost starved to death on a deserted island. After pleading for no jail time, she is offered time already served, 10 years probation, and that she must not leave the state. Kate makes no hesitation is accepting the offer. She just wants it to be over.

As Kate is leaving via the court’s rear exit, Jack is waiting for her. Kate says that she heard him tell that story so many times that she thinks he’s starting to believe it. Jack says that what he said (about not loving her) wasn’t true, and that they should get coffee. Kate suggests that he should visit, but he’s very reluctant to do that. We don’t really know why, but its probably got something to do with the child…

Kate arrives back home (a very large home mind you, must have been purchased with the money from the Oceanic settlement). She’s met by what I assume is a housekeeper or nanny, who says that she’s just put him down for a nap. Kate goes upstairs to see her son. When he wakes he says ‘Hi Mommy’, Kate replies, ‘Hi Aaron’.

I really wish that it was a big surprise for me, but unfortunately in my need for information during the ‘off season’ I was reading the occasional spoiler. Most of them weren’t much, that was until I read that Aaron would be off the Island and with Kate. That was the last spoiler I read.

No Whispers about Eggtown

  1. Neil

    Yay, I got a mention! Here are some more wild conclusion drawn from the egg theme: Eggs come in packs of a dozen or halve dozen, this could be a metaphor for the “oceanic 6” (i.e. 6 eggs = 6 survivors). When Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall, they couldn’t put him back together again. Jack left the island (or “fell off the wall”) and then he tried to get back but couldn’t (“couldn’t put him back together again”). Also, eggs are the un-fertilised future babies of chickens …and now Kate has a baby which she never fertilised. And Hurley, he looks a little bit like an egg. It’s all connected.

  2. Pampo

    Nice recap once again dean. I liked how they did Kate’s trial – its good to see that Kate is no longer on the run, and a fugitive. I loved the fact that the helicopter hadn’t reached the freighter yet – definitely some sort of time thing going on… awesome!

    It was obvious that Kate wanted to question Miles, to see if it was actually worth her trying to get off the island. Its clear that in ’04 she is still a wanted woman, so why leave the island to get arrested? Aaron apparently is the answer. I think that something must happen to Claire on the island, like say she dies, and then on her death bed she makes Kate promise to take care of Aaron for her.

    Oh and Neil, interesting theory, but don’t count your eggs before they have hatched. Or is it don’t put all your eggs in one basket… i dunno…

    Oh and Hurley doesn’t look like an egg, Locke’s head does!

  3. Adrian

    I’d actually forgotten about the stuff with Farraday on the beach with the cards. I’ll be interested to see where his character goes in the future.

    I also quite liked how badass Locke went at the end. I still don’t like his character and i think that right now he’s only a few steps away from going totally crazy but the grenade thing was cool.

    Prediction for the future. Claire is dead as a direct result of something Jack did. Maybe there was an altercation as they were trying to get off the island and some people died or maybe sometime during the season he’ll go too far to secure an escape from the island. Whatever happens, Jack is going to go to some very dark places this year. I still think he’ll come out at the end and be the big hero when the show finally wraps up.

  4. Paul Robinson
    Paul Robinson

    ive got a lost section on my blog now too “Post Lost Post”

  5. Kate Ashby
    Kate Ashby

    Paul Robinson – You writing directly from Ramsey Street ;o)

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