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Missing Pieces Episode 1

King of the Castle

May 13th, 2008 / Dean

Ok, so its been more than two months. Yes, I’m a bit lazy. I’m going to try and get through some of the “Missing Pieces” mini-episodes that ran in the break between seasons 3 and 4. I’m even going to include the videos (since they are short) because I know most of you didn’t watch them.

Jack and Ben are playing chess, Ben tells Jack that he “fully intends” to keep his promise (to let Jack and Juliet leave the island). Jack questions what he means, Ben tells him that if the Island doesn’t want them to leave that it won’t let them. Jack jokes “what? the island going to sink the sub?”, Ben reassures Jack that he won’t do anything to stop them from going home.

The most interesting point, is that Ben says to Jack that while he may leave the Island the day may come when he wants to return (which the season 3 finale confirms). Ben advises Jack that when that day comes, that he remember this conversation.

Nothing too fascinating revealed in this one, other than Ben seems happy to honour his deal with Jack (and Juliet) “as long as the island lets him”. Locke blew up the sub because the island told him to, so I guess Ben was right, whether or not he himself would have ended up doing something to prevent them leaving we may never know.

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