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Season 4, Episode 4


March 6th, 2008 - Comments Off on Eggtown

The episode begins with Locke cooking up some food which he takes down to Ben, who is now in the basement of the house Locke is living in. I guess this is/was probably Ben’s house, although I don’t know if its been mentioned or not. Locke tells Ben that they are the last two eggs, not sure why, is he trying to trick Ben. Ben has a go at Locke in an attempt to psych him out, it works and he definitely hits a nerve with Locke, who storms out taking the eggs with him.

Before we head off on the first flashforward, Sawyer is talking with Kate and asks her why she stayed, little elaboration is given. Now in the flashforward, Kate arrives to a rather large media frenzy, where is she arriving…a court house. In court one of the Lawyers rattles off the list of felonies for which she is being tried. I don’t think there was anything too surprising in there, I’d say we’ve probably seen just about all her crimes. Fraud, arson, armed robbery, theft, murder…you know the usual. Kate enters her plea of not guilty (even though she couldn’t be any more guilty if she tried), and when the prosecution try to have her remanded in custody because she’s a flight risk, Kate’s lawyer protests stating that she has on of the most recognisable faces in the world and is not a risk.
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