Orientation Film 475
Season 5, Episode 13

Some Like It Hoth

April 29th, 2009 / Dean

Miles has had his “talk to the dead” thing since he was a kid.

When he discovers his “power” it freaks him out, which is fair enough he’s just a kid, but also freaks his Mother out. She mustn’t know why he can hear the dead, and we still don’t know why either. Is it just a side effect of being born on the island? Or did Pierre volunteer his own son for some weird experiment?

Grid 334

Miles is told to go to Radzinsky at “gird 334”, which Miles says is ‘hostile territory’. It also appears to the be the site where the construction of the Swan station is taking place. It being in hostile territory would be why Radzinsky was so worried when Sayid saw the Swan hatch model. Radzinsky, and the other workers are wearing jumpsuits with the Swan logo on them.

Here we go

After Roger discovers that Ben is missing goes says he’s going to tell security, Juliet looks at Kate and says “here we go” but that’s really the last we see of it apart form seeing Roger boozing it up on the swing set and then later talking to Jack. Maybe he never got to security, or when he did there was no-one there (Sawyer off in the jungle and Miles somewhere between the Swan and the Orchid)

Hurley is writing “The Empire Strikes Back”

I don’t even like Star Wars, but I though this was hilarious. I really enjoy the banter between Hurley and Miles especially when it delves into the mysteries of time (which it didn’t really this time) and they each try their best to debunk each other theories.

“That douche is my dad”

After delivering the body (who apparently died after a filling was ‘sucked’ out of his tooth and through his brain by the electromagnetic force at the Swan construction site) to Pierre Chang at the Orchid station we find out that, wait for it, Chang is Miles’ Father. Wow. Totally not surprised. Ever since the Pierre Chang video that was released at Comic-Con last year I think most avid fans had already worked this one out, it was just a matter of time until they revealed it for certain.

Widmore paying miles $1.6 million to go to the island

Naomi recruits Miles’ he turns the offer down initially but swiftly changes his mind when he’s told there is $1.6 million on offer. This pretty much explains why he asks Ben for $3.2 million to lie to Widmore about Ben being alive.

Who is Bram, and who is he working for?

Miles is snatched by Bram (one of the other people that was conveniently on Ajira 316), who tries to talk him out of working for Widmore. Bram asks “do you know what lies in the shadow of the statue” (same question Ilana posed to Frank on the beach), and says that if he doesn’t know the answer then he is not ready to go to island. Bram also says that if he goes with them he will learn why he can do what he can do, and also about his father. Miles says they’ll have to pay him double before he’ll change his mind.

So, who is Bram? And who’s he working for. I was working on the theory that Ilana, Bram and possibly others on the Ajira flight were connected to Widmore, but it seems now that, at least, Bram is against him. I don’t think they are on Ben’s side, or if they are they’ve kept it well hidden. So is there a third player in this game? Who? Both Ilana and Bram have now raised the question about the ‘shadow of the statue’, and the statue seems to be something that only the hostiles/others know about. Are Bram and Ilana others? Are they really from 2007? Who else is on their side? They are against Widmore, so are they also against Ben? Bram told Miles that he was on the side thats going to win. Ben too believes he will win. So many questions.

Phil knows who took Ben

After he finds the video he goes to confront La Fleur, who says there’s a logical explanation. This explanation is a punch in the face. Good, I didn’t like Phil.

He’s back!

Pierre and Miles go to meet the scientists arriving via the sub and who should it be? Dan, he’s back. Miles looks stunned, Dan says “long time no see”. Its dark, but Dan appears to have his long hair back, much like when Desmond visited him at Oxford in the 1990’s. Whether that means anything I’m not sure. He also appears to still have two legs. So where has Dan been, and what’s he been doing during his time off the island. I’m hoping for some time freakiness in this weeks episode “The Variable”. I’ve got this weird theory about 1990’s Dan being the same Dan that’s just arrived on the sub, but since I didn’t write it down two weeks ago its mostly gone now, I had it all worked out too. If I remember my logic, I’ll be sure to post it.