Orientation Film 186
Missing Pieces Episode 6

Operation Sleeper

June 15th, 2008 / Dean

Jack is awoken by Juliet who says that they need to talk. She says how ever since she arrived at the beach that many of the people don’t trust her, and that she’s there to hurt them. Juliet tells Jack that its only a metter of time until they figure out that they are right.

Juliet tells Jack that they shouldn’t trust her, and that she’s still working for Ben. And that he sent her to their camp to study the women, and find out which ones were pregnant. Jack asks why, to which Juliet responds “so he can take them, he promised me no-one would get hurt.”

Jack gets annoyed (understandably), saying that he thought Juliet was one of them, and that she wanted to get off the island as much as he did. She quickly points out that while that may be the case, neither of them go off the island in the submarine. Juliet says that she was naive to think that ‘he’ would let them leave. Jack objects, saying that Ben was in a wheelchair (and hence couldn’t have been responsible for the destruction of the sub), and that Locke was the one that blew it up. Juliet’s response. “Was he?”

I don’t think there’s too much doubt that Locke was the personal who physically destroyed the sub, but, like everything (apparently), he was ‘allowed’ to blow it up. Or perhaps more specifically, he was ‘told by the island’ to do it. Who knows.

Jack asks Juliet why she’s telling him about this now. Juliet starts to talk about the night before when she had taken Sun to the medical station for an ultrasound, and that they had seen her baby, and that if they were still on the island in about a month, both her and the baby would be dead.

At the end Juliet says that she’s been living Benjamin Linus’ dream for three years, and that its time to wake up.

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