Orientation Film 489
Season 5, Episode 15

Follow the Leader

May 14th, 2009 / Dean

It’s building up, I can feel it, the two hour finale (three if you include the clip show) just a few hours away, the incident looming, it’s going to be awesome… and then we have to wait for months until the final season starts. Lets start with a crackpot theory.

Are/were there two Dans on the island?

I originally based this on the assumption that Dan would have been older than Charlotte (and Miles), and that the Eloise we see with a young Dan playing the piano looks no much older than the Eloise on the island, meaning it would have to have been reasonably soon after leaving, and also we know that Charles is the father, and he remains on the island for longer than Eloise.

According to Lostpedia Dan was born in 1978 but there doesn’t appear to be any references for this date, its also suggested that if he were, then the scene with young Dan (approx. 10) would have been around 1988, then when we see Dan graduate from Oxford in 1996 (which would in theory make him 18 – not impossible) the character of Eloise has aged a lot in those 8 years, yet doesn’t age much at all between 1996 and 2007.

From this I believe there must be a baby Dan toddling around the hostiles camp, plus if she already had a son named Dan it would explain why Eloise was fairly quick to accept Jack’s explanation of things about them being from the future etc. I’m probably way off, but its fun to theorize a little.

Is Richard building a model of the Black Rock?

Maybe. It is a large ship with sails and a hull…

How did Locke find the others’ beach camp so easily?

I’m guessing “the island told him”, or maybe he just traipsed along the beach until he found them.

Alpert the Adviser

Sun asks Ben who Locke is talking to, he explains that his name is Richard Alpert and that he serves as an adviser of sorts, a role which has had for a very, very long time. Ok, we get it, he’s old, but how old? Did he help build the Statue? Is/was the Statue of Alpert? Does Alpert come from a time/place where man only had 4 toes?

I watched them all die

Sun asks Alpert if he met Jack, Kate, Jin etc in 1977, he tells that he remembers them well because he watched them all die. So I’ll assume they didn’t die from the detonation of the hydrogen bomb because you would expect that that would take Alpert too (maybe). When he says “them all”, who is he referring to? Does he mean everyone on the island, or everyone in the Dharma Initiative, or just Jack, Kate, Jin and the other losties? And for any of those groups, how did they die?

The bomb is under Dharmaville

Eloise tells Jack that the bomb if underneath what is now Dharmaville. To get to the bomb they go through an underwater tunnel into another mysterious, hieroglyphic laden chamber which Alpert refers to as “the tunnels”. Tunnels? interesting. Could these be the same tunnels that Smokey uses to makes its way to all parts of the island? I’m guessing that the “magic room” Ben goes into to summon smokey is also connected to the tunnels. Are these tunnels the same thing, or at least connected to the “cerebus vents” that were marked on the blast door map in the Swan station?

I really hate Phil and Radzinsky

Just saying.

Who’s he talking to? That’s me

Locke takes Ben and Alpert to the drug plane where Locke had appeared after Ethan shot him. Turns out that Alpert was told by Locke to talk to Locke and that it was Locke’s instructions for Alpert to tell Locke that would have to leave the island and bring the others back, and that he would have to die to convince them to do so. Awesome.

Impeccable timing John

So, the island told him when to be at the plane, really? The island and Locke seem to be getting very chatty of late, wonder what it thinks of his future plans…

I’ve already changed the future

Sayid still thinks that he was successful in killing Ben, and he’s far from impressed when he finds out that Kate and Sawyer saved him by taking him to the hostiles.

We all live in a Dharma submarine, Dharma submarine, Dharma submarine…

After Pierre Chang finally believe that Miles, Dan, Hurley etc are all from the future (and that Miles really is his son) he organises for all the women and children to be evacuated on the submarine. This includes baby Miles and his mother and young Charlotte. After agreeing to trade information for a a sub ride, Sawyer and Juliet are also on the sub… oh and who should hop aboard at the last moment to spoil things, Kate, of course.

Ok, now what

Sayid’s reason for going with Jack, Eloise and Alpert is that the plan “might just save us all, and if it doesn’t at least you’ll put us out of our misery”. Alpert tells Jack that they will have to get it out the same way that they got it in. I’d say that since its a huge bomb, it would have been easiest for them to just lower it from wherever it was into “the tunnels”, this means it was located where Dharmaville now stands, and in order to get it out they’ll need to lift it out into the middle of Dharmaville. I sense a few problems ahead.

I’m going to kill him

Apparently Locke isn’t interested in being reunited with his people, he just wants to find Jacob so that he can kill him. Good luck with that. Although, does he mean kill, like the way that Eloise killed Dan, or just to kill everyone’s belief in “Jacob”, to break their faith and use it to his advantage? Probably not. Who knows its the season finale of Lost anything could happen.

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