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Second Dharma Initiative Test

August 28th, 2008 - No Comments

Just took the second ‘test’ in this year’s ARG. This one was just a series of 10 multiple choice questions (apparently random). The quiz was timed, and they don’t let you know how well you do in the test either. With the aid of Google you could probably get all 10 correct, but since it was being timed I couldn’t be bothered searching for the answers and made some educated guesses instead. Favourite question was the last one I received, “The answer to this question is:” A: A, B: B, C: C or D: D. Quizzes are fun and all but I’m looking for something a little more interesting.

Pierre Chang Comic Con Video

August 26th, 2008 - 1 Comment

The full Dharma video from Comic Con 2008, advice where Marvin Candle reveals his name is actually Pierre Chang along with some other interesting bits and pieces. Click here.

Missing Pieces Episode 2

Jack, Meet Ethan. Ethan? Jack.

August 24th, 2008 - No Comments

This piece would appear to take place not too long after the crash, as they are still on the beach and Jack is still working to gather all the medical supplies together. Jack is going through a suitcase (probably not his own) when Ethan approaches and asks if he’s the doctor. He says that he’d heard that Jack was rounding up all the medicine and that he might want this.

Ethan opens up a whole suitcase full of different medicine and various other medical bits and pieces. Ethan says “there must have been a hypochondriac or something”. Jack asks him where he found it to which Ethan simply replies “out in the jungle”. What he probably meant was “from the huge stash of medical supplies at our little community in the middle of the island, where there is a bunch of us just waiting to invade your camp and abduct you and your people…”

Ethan then thanks Jack for organising things, having a little perspective, he says that everyone else is just waiting for rescue and that he thinks Jack is smart. Jack makes a comment that “its nice to know I’m not alone”, Ethan replies “your definitely not alone”.

During their conversation Ethan refers to Claire, mentioning that Jacks probably thinking that he’s going to have to deliver her baby on the island. Jack says that at least he’ll have someone to lend a hand, but Ethan goes quiet. As Ethan gets up to leave he stops and tells Jack that his wife had died during child birth, and that their baby didn’t survive either, which is obviously why he went quiet earlier.

First Dharma Initiative Test

August 23rd, 2008 - No Comments

It only took me a week to get the “test” to actually load (its all in Flash, which is ‘obviously’ the problem). It was a simple tangram-style puzzle, with a selections of piuece you had to fit together to complete a square. not all pieces had to be used, and you had 100 seconds to complete it. You get one point for every second remaining when you complete it, they haven’t said what the points mean, if anything. Its definitely a slow start to this years ARG, much unlike last years Find 815 one.