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First Dharma Initiative Test

August 23rd, 2008 / Dean

It only took me a week to get the “test” to actually load (its all in Flash, which is ‘obviously’ the problem). It was a simple tangram-style puzzle, with a selections of piuece you had to fit together to complete a square. not all pieces had to be used, and you had 100 seconds to complete it. You get one point for every second remaining when you complete it, they haven’t said what the points mean, if anything. Its definitely a slow start to this years ARG, much unlike last years Find 815 one.

One Whisper about First Dharma Initiative Test

  1. Tommy

    [quote conmemt=”255165”][quote conmemt=”254488”]**hangs head** so I feel like I’ve been cheating. Up until today I had only visited this page for my Lost goodies’. However, this evening I happened by DocArtz page. While I still love my Lost Blog, they have lots of tid bits on the AGR. So while you all are my loving safe comfortable boyfriend that I would never leave . I must admit that I will enjoy seeing the new hot guy at work that just happens to take his shirt off when he get hots .and looks a little like Sawyer . .and the point in all this .According to the other site, we haven’t missed a thing. So yay![/quote]You should come join the little island Julie, if you like Sawyer. PJ has been very good at writing down all the nicknames he has used in every episode. Personally, I don’t think Sawyer is hot, I liked Libby, Ana-Lucia, and Naomi. HMMMM, and they are all dead ( like CHARLIE, shout out to you PJ). I also am tired of my sisters’ friends calling me Sawyer.:)WOW. A little rough there Tanzi? What happened to the be kind portion?[/quote]_________________________________________Little island? Who looks like Sawyer where?? LOL!Ive been on this site for a couple years now. Well since the TLE . I tired to follow it but honestly as TOTALLY stupid as it sounds it creeped me out a little. (I know..) But my bf at the time was a firefighter so I was home alone a lot and even though Im 27 I would be up late at night checking out all the websites looking over my shoulder. LOL! Once the Dharma page started getting hacked I left all the leg work to you wonderful people. LOL!Eh, I’m only SLIGHTLY embarrassed to admit that it scared me. LOL!!!

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