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Missing Pieces Episode 12

Arzt and Crafts

July 6th, 2008 - Comments Off on Arzt and Crafts

Sun and Jin are discussing the relationship between, Jin thinks that they are lovers, but Sun says that they are Brother and Sister. Jin questions sun as to how she knows (at this point he doesn’t know she can speak English), she says its just a guess.

Then Arzt runs in talking about people going to the caves, he starts to ask Jin and Sun if they are going, but Hurley interrupts reminding him that they don’t speak English) Arzt then turns to ask Michael, and Michael says he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Arzt in his typical frantic (semi-crazy-science-teacher) kind of way explains that Jack, that bald guy and whats-er-face found some caves and they think that everyone should move from the beaches to the caves.

Hurley queries “why shouldn’t we”, which only starts Arzt off again. He rattle off a few (crazy) reasons not to go to the caves including: moisture, caves a re abundant with moisture, moisture breeds bacteria, bacteria attracts insects that would lay eggs in their mouths while they sleep…

He then goes turns back to Jin and Sun and starts talking to them again, but this time louder, and slower. Michael points out that this won’t he them understand. Arzt is trying to convince Jin and Sun to vote ‘no’ if there is a vote as to whether to go to the caves or not. Hurley says that because Jack says its a good idea that maybe they should trust him, Arzt doesn’t like this either, and starts going on about Jack could be a nutcase, because he saw him running through the jungle “crying for his daddy”.

Arzt then says that if they want to go to the caves they can, but he’s going to stay right there on the beach with all the people who want to survive. Cue the monster. There the typical monster ‘noise’ from season 1 and a few trees rustle around, and all of a sudden Arzt has a change of heart. “I’ll see you guys at the caves.”