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Seventh Dharma Initiative Test

October 22nd, 2008 / Dean

So I neglected posting about the seventh and final test from a few weeks ago, but since several people have arrived at this site looking for the info I thought I should oblige and post it. The test was titled the “Honesty and Integrity Test”, and in reality it wasn’t a test at all. As those following along with the previous tests probably know there were a number of “cheats” revealed to make solving the tests easier.

Hans van Eeghen had previously mentioned that such cheats were being placed by the black swan and should not be used. In the final video (that accompanied test 7) Hans revealed that he is in fact the “black swan”, and if you used any of the cheats then you had failed the seventh test. Those who didn’t use any cheats were assigned to a group called “white swan”, those who did cheat were assigned to “black swan”.

Hans also announced that the full results of the testing procedure would be made available from the 15th of December (still two months away). Surely they aren’t going to just leave the “game” idle for two months. I must say in comparison to the previous ARGs this one has been pretty lame so far. The December date leaves them about one month before season5 in which to provide us with something interesting, but it would be nice if they gave us something (anything) before then.

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