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From the beginning

December 9th, 2007 / Dean

My craving for LOST has gotten the better of me, I know that Season 4 is only about 7 weeks away, but I need my fix of weirdness. For this reason I’ve started right back at the start, season 1 episode 1, and I’m going to try and get through all of the first three season before the 4th of February rolls around.

In the process of re-watching I’m going to make note of somethings I have noticed, things that go unanswered and generally just some theories. Since the end of season 1 I have wanted to try and put together a resource on LOST which would all the bits that I find interesting but due to time (or lack of) I’d never managed to get it any further than just being an idea. While this log isn’t really the ‘resource’ that I had originally wanted to build it should be enough to satisfy my needs…for the moment.

It is possible that once season 4 starts I might start to go into greater detail than just posting tidbits here and there. Its probably fair to say as well that there won’t be much from the first season which is still completely unanswered and as I progress through the episodes the number of “points of interest” will become greater as will the theories.

Very little is know about season 4 with the producers going into radio silence about what we might expect. However as always the internet is rife with rumours and theories. Things like there will be flashbacks and flashforwards, characters will return, characters will die. In other words nothing ground breaking, but enough to keep me interested. As a result of the writers strike it is also looking like the whole 16 episodes won’t run in one continuous run as promised and more likely the initial run may just be 8 episodes. What this means for the remaining 8 I don’t know, maybe they will just show them later in the year or possibly they could extend seasons 5 and 6 to be 20 episodes each. I don’t really mind so long as we don’t get short changed 8 episodes.

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  1. Luke Hoersten
    Luke Hoersten

    I’m glad you’re keeping this log. I regret not starting one when I started watching Lost and your way of going back and re-watching it is probably the *best* way to do it. You should publish loopholes and unanswered questions you find. Thanks a lot!