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Dharma Initiative Rebranding

July 29th, 2008 - Comments Off on Dharma Initiative Rebranding

To coincide with the new ARG I assume.

Comic-Con 2008

Lost at Comic-Con 2008

July 27th, 2008 - Comments Off on Lost at Comic-Con 2008

Remember the ad for “Octagon Global Recruiting” that ran towards the end of the season 4 finale, well the dates it mentioned were referring to Comic-Con 208 in San Diego. In addition to what appears to be the beginning of a new ARG to keep us entertained until Season 5 starts next year, the producers broke their self-imposed “radio silence” to talk about some bits and pieces about both the last season and next season.

Now, I wouldn’t really say that any of these are “spoilers” but if you are trying to avoid anything remotely spoiler-like you might notwant to read the Q and A section that’s after the jump. There we go, vague warning out of the way.
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Octagon Global Recruiting Ad

July 27th, 2008 - Comments Off on Octagon Global Recruiting Ad

This is the “ad” that ran towards the end of the Season 4 finale for those of you who haven’t already seen it. This ties in with a post I’m writing at the moment. Click here.

Missing Pieces Episode 11

Tropical Depression

July 20th, 2008 - Comments Off on Tropical Depression

I’ll say this now, this is probably the stupidest Missing Piece, very much just a “filler”.

Arzt is sneaking along, looks like “hunting” something, he’s talking to himself, and then he dives on top of a spider and traps it in a jar. The spider looks a lot like one of the spiders that led to the not-so-unfortunate demise of Nikki and Paulo.

Just as Arzt catches the spider Michael approaches asking what the wind is going to be like tomorrow. Arzt hesitates, and then looks back at Michael telling him that he doesn’t know. He goes on to say he’s just a high school science teacher and that all the things he’d told them about “monsoon season” were just made up. He says he made it up because he just wanted to get the raft built so they could be rescued.

Michael gets up to leave and Arzt starts talking. He says that he fell in love with a woman in Australia, that he’d met her on the internet… Michael sits back down. He starts waffling on about how he saved up his money and flew to Australia to meet her, and then she stood him up, blah blah blah…

The only thing I found interesting was that he says that instead of hanging around in Sydney he booked an early flight out on Oceanic 815, another case of a last minute change of plans resulting in someone ending up on 815. Michael (who have you noticed is in an awful lot of these mini-eps) doesn’t show much sympathy.

Michael tells Arzt that the raft is finished and they are ready to leave, Arzt says he’ll be the first one there ready to greet the rescue when it arrives. Or at least he would have been if he didn’t blow himself up playing with the dynamite form the Black Rock. What a shame…

Missing Pieces Episode 5

Buried Secrets

July 13th, 2008 - Comments Off on Buried Secrets

Sun is watching Jin on the beach where he is fishing (just for something different), she turns and heads off into the jungle. A little way in she stops and takes something out of her pocket. We see that its a Californian drivers license, and that it has a false name on it. She crouches down and starts digging a small hole into which she puts the license.

Just as Sun drops the license in to the hole, Michael appears, he’s calling out looking for Vincent. Michael asks Sun if she’s ok, and she glances down at the hole that she’d been digging. Michael bends down and picks up the license, and Sun starts to explain before Michael stops her and hand her the license. Sun then says that she was going to leave Jin, and start a new life in America, but she had changed her mind at the airport. This is another example of a last minute “change of plans” that resulted in one of the losties ending up on 815.

Michael reassures Sun that they will get off the island and everything will be alright, but Sun says that being on the island is her punishment, her destiny. She says that Jin is no longer the man that she fell in love with. They are just about to kiss when good ol’ Vincent appears to spoil the moment. Could have been worse though, what if it was Jin with his fishing spear.

Missing Pieces Episode 12

Arzt and Crafts

July 6th, 2008 - Comments Off on Arzt and Crafts

Sun and Jin are discussing the relationship between, Jin thinks that they are lovers, but Sun says that they are Brother and Sister. Jin questions sun as to how she knows (at this point he doesn’t know she can speak English), she says its just a guess.

Then Arzt runs in talking about people going to the caves, he starts to ask Jin and Sun if they are going, but Hurley interrupts reminding him that they don’t speak English) Arzt then turns to ask Michael, and Michael says he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Arzt in his typical frantic (semi-crazy-science-teacher) kind of way explains that Jack, that bald guy and whats-er-face found some caves and they think that everyone should move from the beaches to the caves.

Hurley queries “why shouldn’t we”, which only starts Arzt off again. He rattle off a few (crazy) reasons not to go to the caves including: moisture, caves a re abundant with moisture, moisture breeds bacteria, bacteria attracts insects that would lay eggs in their mouths while they sleep…

He then goes turns back to Jin and Sun and starts talking to them again, but this time louder, and slower. Michael points out that this won’t he them understand. Arzt is trying to convince Jin and Sun to vote ‘no’ if there is a vote as to whether to go to the caves or not. Hurley says that because Jack says its a good idea that maybe they should trust him, Arzt doesn’t like this either, and starts going on about Jack could be a nutcase, because he saw him running through the jungle “crying for his daddy”.

Arzt then says that if they want to go to the caves they can, but he’s going to stay right there on the beach with all the people who want to survive. Cue the monster. There the typical monster ‘noise’ from season 1 and a few trees rustle around, and all of a sudden Arzt has a change of heart. “I’ll see you guys at the caves.”