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So which incident was the incident?

May 15th, 2009 / Dean

Was thinking about this on the bus into work this morning, which incident was “the” incident. Was it the drill hitting the pocket of energy causing all metallic objects to get sucked down the shaft? Or was is it Juliet setting off the bomb with a rock?

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  1. Jon Muru
    Jon Muru

    In theory ‘the incident’ originally is the drill through the pocket of energy, cos that’s what leads to magnetic crap happening. BUT, Does Juliet actually set it off?
    If Juliet does, then technically they are BOTH ‘the Incident!’
    Wow! that sounds so right in my head its unbelievable. Lol.
    Just watched it a couple of hours ago!
    Wanna watch it properly on an actual TV.
    Being from the UK, i have to wait till Sunday! Which is a stupid day to show i may add!!

  2. Dean

    Stupid TV down here in Australia is only upto episode 14 so its still a couple of weeks before its on actual TV down here. Thank god for the internet.