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Backwards, Forwards or Circular

December 19th, 2007 / Dean

I’ll start by saying that this is not totally my own theory, and isn’t even something I had thought of until I read the post title “Jack and Kate future or past” on http://underwaterhatch.com/. But after rewatching episode 12 from season 1 I think, as far fetched as it sounds, there is even more to support this theory. In fact I don’t know that I even believe that this could be possible, but it is food for thought.

The theory is that the scene that we see at the very end of season 3 is not the future but perhaps the past. Its ok, bear with me. In addition to the points mentioned in the post on underwaterhatch.com, which I won’t cover completely here but I do recommend you have a read through them, I picked up on several things in episode 12 “Whatever the case may be”. Here we go.

During the bank robbery Kate asks for the keys to security deposit box 815, we find out later that the item of interest is a small toy plane. Either this is just one of those weird coincidences that the writers throw in to mess with our mind or it means something.

Going forward to the finale of season 3. Jack wants to go back to the Island, and it is mentioned that he has been using the free flights they got (presumably when they were rescued), hoping that the plane would again crash and end up at the island. Jack attends someones funeral, we don’t know who’s for sure I have a couple of theories but I’ll save those for another post. All we do know is that Kate didn’t want to go.

When Jack meets up with Kate she mentions that “he’ll be wondering where I am”, as mentioned on underwaterhatch.com the last time we saw Kate ‘clean and tidy’ was when she was married in one of the flashbacks, lets say this is the same ‘he’ could that then mean that we have maybe seen a flash forward before and not even noticed. Go on think about it.

Now lets go back to the discovery of Adam and Eve in the caves, one theory is that it could be Jack and Kate, further toying with the idea of time and space being ‘different’ on the island. Could it really be possible that there is some weird multi-dimensional time thing going on, have Jack and Kate maybe other been on the island before? More than once? Did they get off the island and then return? Is the flash forawrd from the season 3 finale really the only flashback that we have seen, I would hazzard a guess that if you looked at some other ‘flashbacks’ very carefully you might start to wonder.

After all Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof have said that what we saw was definitely not the ‘end’ of the show. So if its not the end, is it ‘near the end’, or the ‘middle’ or is it something else?

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