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Season 3, Episode 23

Jack Flying Oceanic before Oceanic is Flying?

January 20th, 2008 - No Comments

In the season 3 finale Jack says that he’s using the golden passes flying every Friday, and when we see the tickets briefly on the floor of this apartment I’m fairly sure that they were Oceanic tickets. But.

From the newspaper article that Jack is reading at the beginning of the episode it has been determined that the flash-forward takes place around April 2007, however according to the “press release” that was released just after Christmas as an introduction to the ARG “Find 815” which is running in the weeks leading up to the Season 4 premiere, Oceanic don’t start flying again until the end of 2007, a whole 7-8 months after when the flash-forward takes place. Something isn’t right.

Maybe the ‘golden tickets’ that they’ve got allow them to fly on any airline, this would probably be the most logical explanation, but wouldn’t explain why he still has Oceanic tickets in his apartment. Another possibility is that there is a some strange time shifting happening, one theory is that time on the island is moving slower than time off the island. But thats something that I think I’ll cover is a separate post.

If Only

January 14th, 2008 - No Comments

If only Sayid had gotten on the original flight that CIA had offered him, then he wouldn’t have been on Flight 815, his plane would never have crashed and he would have probably been reunited with Nadia.

Locke’s attack revealed

January 14th, 2008 - No Comments

When Sayid asks Locke to take him to the plane you can sense that he could very well intended to kill him, but when they get to the plane you can tell that Sayid starts to believe Locke’s story. Then Locke’s goes and springs the revelation that it was he who ‘attacked’ Sayid while he was trying to triangulate the distress signal, and all that trust goes flying out the window.

Population fluctuations

January 8th, 2008 - No Comments

The island population grows, the island population shrinks. Boone’s death was the first of the major characters to be killed off, or if you’re to believe Jack, to be murdered. However we know that although Locke asked Boone to investigate the plane, it wasn’t his fault that it fell and crushed him. Also on the ‘murdered’ point, its interesting then that Boone’s step sister Shannon died after being “accidentally” shot by Ana-Lucia, again maybe not murder but Ana-Lucia was aiming to kill what ever she hit, she just thought she was shooting the “bad guys”. Ana-Lucia however was most definitely murder, and Michael didn’t mess around, promptly killing Libby, presumably because she witnessed the first one. It will be interesting how everyone reacts when Michael returns in Season 4.

Do you hear what I hear

January 6th, 2008 - No Comments

Boone uses the radio found in the Nigerian plane, and gets a response from someone else claiming that they too are the survivors of Flight 815, however since the plane falls and as a result Boone dies, I don’t think he gets a chance to tell anyone what he heard. We find out in season 2 that it was the Tailies who responded and they cut short their transmission because they thought Boone was the Others trying to trick them.

Oh Brother where art thou

January 6th, 2008 - No Comments

Locke and Boone discover the Nigerian plane that we later find out contains the remains of Ekos brother Yemi, and little do they know that the directly below the plane is the hatch to the pearl station. At this point they don’t even know what the hatch they are attempting to open leads to, but if they had discovered the Pearl, they would have probably seen Desmond on the monitors in there.

Job hopping

January 6th, 2008 - No Comments

Anyone else notice that Locke seems to have had a LOT of different jobs, pilule I pretty sure that each time he has a flashback episode hes working in a different job. So far some of the jobs have been, his position at the box company, an at a toy store and as an house inspector.

Origin of the Numbers

January 5th, 2008 - No Comments

When Hurley visits Leonard Sims to find out the origins of “the numbers”, Leonard tells him that he got them from a man call Sam Toomy, who’s in Australia. We then find out that Leonard and Sam were stationed together at a listening post in the Pacific when they picked up a transmission that was repeating the numbers over and over again and that it was about 16 years ago (presumably before Rousseau changed the transmission).

Box company owner

January 5th, 2008 - No Comments

We find out that Hurley is “now the proud owner of a box company”, rx generic just so happens this is the same “box company” that Locke worked for.

Will Jin speak English

January 5th, 2008 - No Comments

After watching episode 17 “In Translation” form season 1, where it is revealed to Jin that Sun can speak English and has been hiding it from him, I’m wondering what chance there is that Jin will learn English too. As we have now seen , up to the end of season 3, he has started to learn a few basic words, and seems to be able to communicate on a relatively basic level with the rest of the losties. But what about in the future. I would say there is a pretty good chance that we will see a Jin/Sun flash-forward early in season 4, so its not too far fetched to believe that Jin will have learnt English since getting off the island, especially if they move to America to “start over”.