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Previously on Lost http://previously-on-lost.com All about one of the greatest TV shows, LOST, full recaps of episodes, plus theories, interesting pieces of info from the first couple of seasons and more. Mon, 25 Oct 2010 03:19:32 +0000 en hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=3.0.4 The New Man in Charge http://previously-on-lost.com/the-new-man-in-charge/ http://previously-on-lost.com/the-new-man-in-charge/#comments Mon, 25 Oct 2010 03:19:32 +0000 Dean http://previously-on-lost.com/?p=584 I had promised myself that I wouldn’t watch the epilogue “The New Man in Charge” until the DVD finally came out down here. I did well, I didn’t read anything about it, and I resisted the urge to find/watch a copy online. Was it worth the wait?

On one hand, yes, it was worth it, because it was more new Lost goodness. On the other hand I kind of wish I’d just watched it a couple of months ago. Why? Well for starters I was expecting it to be 15 minutes long, not 10 minutes. I would swear that I’d read it would be 14-15 minute long. 10 minutes just wasn’t long enough, but maybe that’s just because too much Lost is never enough. And it wasn’t as “packed full of answers” as everyone was claiming it was/would be - not that I actually expected that it would be, and not that I found that aspect overly disappointing. After all, the best bit about Lost is the mysteries, in particular those that remain unresolved.

So, what did we find out. Ben is off-island wrapping up some Dharma business that’s no longer needed. We find out that two guys have been stationed in Guam for the last 20 years preparing the automated Dharma supply drops for the island, and now Ben is here to shut them down because they’re no longer needed. They weren’t even aware that the Dharma Initiative had been wiped out over 20 years ago, all they knew was that they kept getting the supply order. Why were they still getting the orders? Because it was an automated message coming from the Lamp Post.

Ben says that the Lamp Post hasn’t been occupied for a long time, which seems a little odd since that’s where Eloise Hawking was hanging out. Only reason I can think that she wouldn’t have turn off the automated orders was so that nothing appeared to have changed. After all stopping an automated order that had been running for so long is sure to raise questions.

They also didn’t know where the supply drones were being sent, just that co-ordinates they received were different every time - which as Ben explained is because the island moves. It becomes clear that these two have pretty much no idea who they are/were working for or why. One of the asks Ben why Polar Bear biscuits are part of the supplies if the destination is an island in the pacific, so Ben plays them an orientation tape from the Hydra station which explains a little about what was going on in that particular station and why there were polar bears, and also a bit about Room 23 and what its was used for.

At the beginning of the second act we head to the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute, only to find someone playing Connect 4 (seems to be the only thing mental patients do in the Lost universe). Who was playing Connect 4? Well it was Waaaaaalt. This was no surprise to me, since Walt’s appearance in the epilogue was basically the only thing I actually knew about it. Why was Walt in the institute? He says that no one would believe him, so I presume he’s there because he started telling people about the island etc and they though he was nuts.

Fair enough. If you said that you were on a plane flying from Sydney to Los Angeles, and it crashed on an island with 48-ish survivors. And on this island there were polar bears, and ‘monsters’, and in addition the survivors there were ‘other’ people who already lived there before the crash. And that these ‘other’ people kidnapped you because you were ‘special’, only to give you and your father a boat and a specific co-ordinate to allow you to leave the island…. yeah, not hard to see why that could get interpreted as insane.

Anyway, Ben says he’s there because a friend sent him. That friend is Hurley, its not said at this point, but if you can’t work that out for yourself, then why are you even watching. Walt leave Santa Rosa with Ben and they get into one of the blue Dharma combi vans. And, dude, who should be sitting in the back, but Hurley. Hurley says that they need to go back to the island, because Walt is special and that’s where they’re meant to be, and then Hurley offers him a job, and they drive off into the darkness.

So, “a job”, can we assume that Hurley has had enough of being ‘Number 1’ and wants to hand over the reigns to Walt, or at least start preparing him for the handover when the time comes. Also how is the ‘new man in charge’, it could be (and probably is) referring to Hurley, but maybe its also pointing to Walt as being (or becoming) the ‘new man in charge’ in the future.

If Walt were to take over as the leader on the island then that also explains his non-presence at the church in the sideways/afterlife timeline, and Michael’s absence is explained by the fact that he (or his soul) is still trapped on the island.

Great to have one last little bit of lost, shame it wasn’t a little bit longer.

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12 of my favourite episodes so far http://previously-on-lost.com/12-of-my-favourite-episodes-so-far/ http://previously-on-lost.com/12-of-my-favourite-episodes-so-far/#comments Sat, 30 Jan 2010 08:35:59 +0000 Dean http://previously-on-lost.com/?p=563 I’ve wanted to put this list together for a while, and I’ve tried numerous times but have always had trouble narrowing it down to 10. Again, my latest attempt failed at this too, so this is a ‘top 12’ instead, there are probably another dozen episodes that I could have included, not to mentioned the premiere and finales from each season which I’ve excluded from this list for the sole reason that they would occupy all the spots.

All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues (S1E11)

Hurley informs the rest of the survivors that Ethan wasn’t on Flight 815. Clarie and Charlie go missing, taken by Ethan. While searching Jack has a confrontation with Ethan, after which Ethan disappears again. Jack and Kate later discover Charlie’s body hanging from a tree, Jack revives Charlie and they return to camp, but Claire is still missing. In the jungle Locke and Boone accidentally discover the hatch after Locke tosses Boone his flashlight, which lands on the covered hatch making a clunk.

Deus Ex Machina (S1E19)

Locke meets his biological Mother and Father, and is promptly conned by both into giving up a kidney for his Father. Locke tells Boone that the island will give them a sign as to how they will open the hatch. Locke has a dream/vision of a small plane flying overhead crashing into the jungle and sees his mother point in the same direction. His dream ends with a blood-covered Boone. They both head off in the direction of the plane to see what they can find. They find the Nigerian drug plane. Locke sends Boone up to investigate the wreckage. Boone discovers the plane is full of Virgin Mary statues filled with heroin, but he also finds the planes radio. He makes contact with other people and says that he is a survivor of Oceanic 815, to which the voice on the other end replies the same. Then the plane crashes down from the cliff crushing Boone. Locke takes the badly injured Boone back to camp telling the others that he fell of a cliff while they were hunting. Locke returns to the jungle, and bangs on the hatch door pleading for answers when a strong beam of light comes shooting out from inside the hatch.

Lockdown (S2E17)

Locke attends the funeral of his Father only to find out his con-man Father isn’t actually dead. Ben, posing as balloonist Henry Gale, is being held captive by the Losties inside the Swan station. The Swan stations goes into lockdown and the blast door map is revealed. Showing that the Swan is quite likely not the only station on the island. After the lockdown ends the group that had gone off to find Henry’s supposed balloon wreckage return. Sayid says that, yes, they found the wreckage, and a grave. And inside this grave was the body of a black man, this man had a license on him - which just happened to have the name ‘Henry Gale’ on it. Prior to returning to the hatch Jack and Kate also discover the pallet of Dharma supplies in the jungle that seemingly appeared from nowhere.

Two for the Road (S2E20)

Just for the ending. The episode itself was probably not that interesting, the flashbacks were for Ana Lucia who is possibly the character who I disliked the most. Ana Lucia steals a gun from Sawyer with the intention of killing Henry/Ben, but she is unable to go through with it. When she tells Michael what she was planning to do he offers to take care of it for here. Then without warning shoots her, then Libby, and then himself just to cover that he’s letting Ben/Henry go free.

Flashes Before Your Eyes (S3E08)

The first episode that really messed with the idea of time travel, Desmond becomes “unstuck in time” as a result of turning the fail-safe key to destroy the swan station. He ends up back in London, meets Ms Hawking (we don’t realise what role she plays until we see her again in season 5). Desmond also reveals to Charlie that he is having flashes or what appears to be the future, and that no matter how many times he tries to prevent it, there is nothing he can do that will stop Charlie from dieing.

The Brig (S3E19)

After finding out what Ben has in his “magic box”, and that it is in fact his con-man father Anthony Cooper, Locke is asked by Ben to kill Cooper as a way of showing his commitment to the others. Alpert gives John some “inside info”, which results in him recruiting Sawyer to kill Cooper instead. Sawyer doesn’t need much convincing after he discovers that Cooper is the real ‘Sawyer’ that he’s been searching for for so long. Naomi Dorrit reveals that she was hired to find Desmond by Penelope Widmore, and gives Sayid the communication device that will lead the ‘freighter folk’ coming to the island.

Confirmed Dead (S4E02)

Probably not an episode that would make everyone’s favourites list, but anyway. We got a look at each of the ‘Science Team’ prior to them arriving on the island. Miles is talking to dead people, Charlotte is uncovering polar bears wearing Dharma collars in Tunisia, Frank reveals that he was meant to be the pilot of Oceanic 815, and Daniel appears to have lost his mind, and is sobbing for no apparent reason at the ‘discovery’ of Oceanic 815 at the bottom of the Sunda trench. We find out the Freighter folk are on the island in search of Ben, and then later on Ben reveals that he has an inside man on their boat.

The Constant (S4E05)

On route from the island to the freighter the helicopter drift off the specific coordinate that Dan gave them resulting in Desmond’s flashing back and forwards between 2004 and 1996. We meet Minkowski who is also suffering from similar flashes. In between flashes Faraday ask Desmond what year it is, Desmond thinks he’s in 1996, Dan tells Des that he must go to Oxford and find 1996 Dan. At Oxford, after some convincing, Faraday demonstrates his experiment to Des - transporting the consciousness of Eloise (the rat). We find out that Penny had been frequently calling the freighter but they were under strict orders to not answer them. 1996 Dan explains the importance of a ‘constant’ to Desmond, and that he must find something that is present in both 1996 and 2004 that he cares about. 1996 Des gets Penny’s current address from Charles Widmore who’s at an auction bidding on the journal from the first mate on the Black Rock. Des pleads with Penny that he needs her phone number, and promises that he won’t call it for another 8 years. Des calls Penny, Penny says that she’d spoken to Charlie and that she’d been searching for Des for 3 years. This connection with Penny realigns Des and all is good in the world. Dan is back on the beach flipping frantically through his journal, stopping on a page with the following written on it “If anything goes wrong, Desmond Hume will be my constant.”.

The Shape of Things to Come (S4E09)

Keamy and the others from the freighter launch and attack on the barracks where some of the Losties are situated. They’ve taken Alex hostage and want Ben in exchange for her life. When Ben proclaims that Alex means nothing to him and that he won’t be giving himself up, Keamy kills her. Ben summons the monster to take care of the mercenaries. We see Ben wake up in the middle of the desert wearing a Dharma jacket with the name ‘Halliwax’ on it, we then discover that where Ben is its October 2005 - about 10 months into the future. After tracking down Sayid, Ben recruits him. Ben visits Charles Widmore at his apartment and promises that he will kill his daughter (Penny) as revenge for him being responsible for killing Alex and thus “changing the rules”. Widmore says Ben will never find Penny, and that he wants “his” island back.

This Place Is Death (S5E05)

Jin is hanging out the Rousseau and the rest of her French team, they trek through the jungle and are attacked by the smoke monster. The monster grabs Montand and drags him beneath the temple ripping his arm off in the process. The rest of the French team, with the exception of Rousseau go below the temple in an attempt to rescue Montand. After a brief time flash Jin makes his way towards the beach where he finds that Rousseau has killed her fellow Frenchmen because they’ve become ‘sick’. The Losties also experience numerous flashes, and they are becoming increasingly frequent - with bad consequences for Charlotte. Before she dies she tells Locke and the others that they need to find a well. At the bottom of this well is the magic donkey wheel that ‘moves’ the island. Locke ventures down into the well, meets Jack’s Dad, and then turns the wheel to save the island. The flashes stop. Off the island Ben, Jack and Sun arrive at Eloise’s church at exactly the same time as Desmond, they all head into the church to find Eloise and find out how they are to get back to the island.

316 (S5E06)

They’re back. No messing around with that one. Off the island Eloise take the losties down beneath the church into the “Lamp Post” Dharma station, she explains that the island is always moving that that this station is used to predict where it will be and when. Using those predictions she advises them that they’ve got 36 hours to get themselves on Ajira 316 to Guam which, all going to plan, will result in them getting back to the island. Things come together and all of the Oceanic 6 (except Aaron) end up on flight 316 as planned. During the flight the captain announces himself, and who else is it but Frank Lapidis - he’s not overly shocked to find out they probably won’t be going to Guam. Following a mid-air flash Jack, Hurley and Kate disappear form the plane and wind up back on the island where they are discovered by someone wearing a Dharma suit. That someone is Jin.

Dead Is Dead (S5E12)

Flashbacks to when Ben first joins the others and meets Charles Widmore the first time. A younger Ben and young Ethan go to the beach to kill Rousseau only to discover that she has a baby, instead of killing her Ben kidnaps the baby and threatens Rousseau to never come looking for it. This doesn’t impress Charles - the tension between the two is obvious. We find out that Charles was exiled from the island by Ben for leaving frequently and “having a daughter with an outsider”. Prior to getting on Ajira 316, Ben heads to the docks to kill Penny, he shoots Des along the way but when he hesitates to kill Penny a wounded Des jumps to the rescue beating the crap out of Ben in the process. On the island in present time Ben awake to see a very alive Locke sitting in front of him. Ben says that he’s come back to the island to be judged, Locke offers to help him out. Ben steals Caesar’s gun and kills him before he has a chance to kill Locke - this is Ben’s “apology” to Locke. Ben and Locke head to the Barracks where they find Sun and Frank. Ben summons the monster but it doesn’t show itself. Locke decides that if it won’t come to them then they must go to it. Ben, Locke and Sun head off into the jungle to find the monster, they arrive at the wall around the temple and Ben and Locke go underneath (same hole Montand was dragged into?) Once inside Ben falls through a hole into a room full of hieroglyphs, there is a vent at one end of the room and out comes the smoke monster to do its judging. Ben is shown numerous flashes from his past ending with Alex being shot, the monster then retreats back into the vent, sparing Ben his life. Then Alex appears behind Ben and say that she knows that he is planning to kill Locke again, then warms him that if he doesn’t do everything that Locke says that she will destroy him.

So there you have it, 12 of my favourite episodes, what are your favourites? Bring on Season 6, less that four days to go.

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‘Lost’ producers discuss emotional final season http://previously-on-lost.com/lost-producers-discuss-emotional-final-season/ http://previously-on-lost.com/lost-producers-discuss-emotional-final-season/#comments Wed, 06 Jan 2010 08:11:07 +0000 Dean http://previously-on-lost.com/?p=560 Great interview with both Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse about the final season and what the future may hold. There are no real spoilers in the interview so don’t worry too much about that. Neither producer is likely to spill anything crucial as they won’t even be releasing any teaser footage prior to the Feb 2nd premiere of the final season.

Click here to read the interview

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The Lost Supper http://previously-on-lost.com/the-lost-supper/ http://previously-on-lost.com/the-lost-supper/#comments Tue, 05 Jan 2010 07:19:11 +0000 Dean http://previously-on-lost.com/?p=555 The Season 6 ‘group photo’ has been set up in a parody of the ‘The Last Supper’. There were two versions released, one with the characters in poses mimicking the original (below), and a second (link below first image) with all the characters just looking towards the camera (not as interesting but still cool).

Click to view alternate version of group photo.

If you’re curious about what clues may (or may not) be hidden in the way the image has been constructed then you should definitely have a read through this post on docarzt.com. Its a pretty comprehensive write-up comparing the Lost version to the famous painting, it covers everything from the placement and position of certain characters to what they are wearing, who they are looking at, the props placed around or near them. There are also some comparisons to similar ‘Last Supper’-themed promo photos used for other TV shows in the past. After all this is Lost, and as we seen in the past they rerely produce something like this without there being some sort of hidden meaning.

Group photo source: docarzt.com

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Two free Lost wallpapers http://previously-on-lost.com/two-free-lost-wallpapers/ http://previously-on-lost.com/two-free-lost-wallpapers/#comments Tue, 05 Jan 2010 02:59:31 +0000 Dean http://previously-on-lost.com/?p=546 As there is now less than a month until Season6 starts I’m working on a post about my favourite episodes, it was really difficult to narrow it down. But while I’m working on that I thought I’d share a couple of LOST wallpapers that I’ve put together, one featuring the four-toed statue, and one using the group shot from the season 6 poster.

Click on the images below to download the full res versions (1920 x 1200 pixels)

Lost Season 6 Wallpaper

Lost Four-toed Statue Wallpaper

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Official Season 6 Poster http://previously-on-lost.com/official-season-6-poster/ http://previously-on-lost.com/official-season-6-poster/#comments Wed, 18 Nov 2009 09:31:27 +0000 Dean http://previously-on-lost.com/?p=541 Here it is in all its glory, click it to check out the massive version.

Official Lost Season 6 Poster

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From Nowhere they ended up Lost http://previously-on-lost.com/from-nowhere-they-ended-up-lost/ http://previously-on-lost.com/from-nowhere-they-ended-up-lost/#comments Thu, 22 Oct 2009 11:25:59 +0000 Dean http://previously-on-lost.com/?p=536 Ever wonder why Jeffrey Lieber’s name appears at the beginning of every episode of Lost? Well this is why, or at least the bit that doesn’t involve legal matters.

Back in early 2003 Lieber wrote a TV pilot based around the survivors of a plane crash, it was titled ‘Nowhere’. The story, as far as I know, is that ABC didn’t really like the concept that he had put together and subsequently gave him the boot. The idea, and presumably Lieber’s original script, were handed over to JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof who, with a few key changes turned it into the ‘Lost’ that we know and love.

I’ve had a copy of the ‘Nowhere’ script (download at the bottom of the post) sitting on my desktop for a couple of months, I can’t remember exactly where it came from, but I think it was posted on DarkUFO’s blog. A couple of nights ago I actually sat down and read it. Immediately it feels like your reading a missing ‘Lost’ episode, but at the same time somethings just not the same.

In fairness ‘Lost’ didn’t drop the WTF moments right from the beginning (not counting the fact that a bunch of people could have actually survived the crash), but there is a distinct lack of mystery throughout the ‘Nowhere’ script. Lieber has said that ‘Lord of the Flies’ and ‘Cast Away’ were his influences, and it does show. I haven’t actually seen ‘Cast Away’, but isn’t it just Tom Hanks trying to survive while stuck on an island? That’s a bit what ‘Nowhere’ felt like, except there was a bunch of them trying to survive.

The differences? To start with the plane is flying TO Sydney, not FROM Sydney. There are still the pre-crash scenes inside the plane, but the circumstances of the crash and how they end up on the island is quite different. The characters, while not a direct person-for-person match, share a lot of similarities with the Losties. Although Lieber clearly had a thing for ‘odd’ names. There is an Australian character name ‘Xander Britzke’. Not sure Lieber actually knows where Australia is… cause that name sounds more Austrian, than Australian. Just Saying. There’s also a family and the daughter’s name is Tyke Sykes. The choice of that name is probably the biggest WTF moment in the whole script.

There are some close similarities, like the Jack substitute, Truman, who’s flying to Australia to collect his deceased father. Also following the crash Truman has the same injury that Jack suffered (large cut on the back). A seemingly important character is killed of relatively quickly, which was apparently the original plan for Jack’s character in ‘Lost’ as well. Glad they changed that.

There’s a doctor, but its not the Truman, and they’re only really a med student, not a spinal surgeon. There’s a somewhat shifty guy with a drug dependency. There’s a criminal who’s being escorted by a US Marshall, and the Marshall also dies after the crash. There’s a woman who survived, she can’t find her husband, but she’s convinced that he’s definitely alive (aka. Rose and Bernard). The list goes on.

What is missing though, like I said, is the mystery. No weird noises in the bushes, no polar bears, no cripples who can now walk (or none that were revealed in this pilot anyway). I think its safe to say the Lieber’s concept was definitely swayed more toward the drama genre, and maybe that’s what ABC didn’t like.

All that aside, I actually enjoyed reading the script, probably because of my slight addiction to ‘Lost’ and craving for anything related (that’s NOT a spoiler). If I had no knowledge of ‘Lost’ I probably would have enjoyed it even more for what it was, instead of constantly comparing and contrasting the two. While in all honesty that isn’t fair when one has been going for 5 season and one was a single pilot script. but still, its extremely hard not to compare them.

Whatever ABC’s decision was for dumping Lieber and handing it over to Abrams and Lindelof, I’m glad they went the way they did, because otherwise we wouldn’t have had ‘Lost’ to watch for the past 5+ years. Just a real shame that it all comes to an end after this season.

Download the script below (at least until someone asks me to remove it) and have a read for yourself. I’d be interested to hear what you think.

Download ‘Nowhere’ Pilot Script (6.5MB)

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Damon, Carlton and Polar Bear http://previously-on-lost.com/damon-carlton-and-polar-bear/ http://previously-on-lost.com/damon-carlton-and-polar-bear/#comments Mon, 10 Aug 2009 13:34:09 +0000 Dean http://previously-on-lost.com/?p=532 If you’ve watched the LOST Comic Con panel you would have seen Paul Scheer present his velvet painting to Damon and Carlton, well damoncarltonandapolarbear.com is his blog and it all seems to be tied into the new ARG, if you’re into that sort of thing. If you’re really interested in what this ARG is all about you might want to have a look here

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Paul Scheer crashes LOST offices on ABC lot http://previously-on-lost.com/paul-scheer-crashes-lost-offices-on-abc-lot/ http://previously-on-lost.com/paul-scheer-crashes-lost-offices-on-abc-lot/#comments Mon, 10 Aug 2009 13:30:10 +0000 Dean http://previously-on-lost.com/?p=529 There is a new ARG in progress, and it might just have revealed the name of the first two episodes in season 6, since technically that would be a spoiler (if its correct) I won’t say what the name is, you can watch the video to find out for yourself. Click here

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While we wait for the official poster http://previously-on-lost.com/while-we-wait-for-the-official-poster/ http://previously-on-lost.com/while-we-wait-for-the-official-poster/#comments Tue, 28 Jul 2009 08:55:44 +0000 Dean http://previously-on-lost.com/?p=523 I’m still searching everywhere I can think of in search of a good, clear version of the poster that was shown at Comic Con, but as yet I’ve had no luck. However, I did find this fan-created gem hiding in Flickr, very nice mix of the posters from seasons past.

Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/netmen2009/3763600381/

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